Saturday Punt - 8 May 2021

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Ken4155 | 13:17 Sat 08th May 2021 | Other Sports
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Stuck for what seemed an eternity on the 3.40 Ascot! No matter what stats i employed, i couldn't whittle the number of runners down to a manageable level - mostly on account of the altered going, of course. Just because a horse hasn't encountered soft ground before, doesn't mean it isn't going to act on it but therein lies the problem. There is enough guess work involved without adding to it :-/ Hopefully get some sort of reward for my efforts:-)

2.15 Lin; Loving Dream @ 4/1
2.30 As; Albaflora @ 11/2 - 4 places
3.40 As; Symbolize @ 12/1 - 7 places
4.15 As; Group One Power - 4 places

Win singles, 20p L15, £1 e.w. acca. 4 placed = poss £21, 4 winners = poss £2,820.

ITV 7; Loving Dream, Albaflora, Adayar, Historic Heart, Parent's Prayer, Symbolize & Group One Power. £1 e.w. acca - minus Adayar. Didn't need a £1 stake but done it just in case all 6 place. If they win, Sky's the limit:-)))))

Best of luck, all.
We’re racing in Cork.

Lady Kate in last race. Outside shot.
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"Outside shot". Bit of an understatement, ZM - 80/1! First time out in a bumper. You had a whisper ;-) Wishing you the luck of the Irish :-)))
A wee leprechaun told me, so he did ;-)
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Also done a patent and e.w. treble on;

2.55 Not; Ventura Diamond @ 9/2 4 places (£2 win)
3.10 Hay; Historic Heart @ 16/2 5 places (£1 e.w.)
3.25 Lin; Parent's Prayer @ 16/1 (£1 e.w.)

3 placed = poss £25, 3 winners = poss £2,270.
Same trouble here Ken. Any number of winners there with Fahey lurking down at the bottom with a runner only carrying the saddle. I picked a horse for the ITV7 and will just be doing a single on River Nymph. The Haydock3.10 was no easier and the prices are not exactly tempting in such a field. Again any number of options, not least one that I did a couple of weeks ago that looked like trotting up only to fall. In the end I have gone for the Irish raider Shanroe but again left it out of my punts for now.
Divinely* @6/1 2.15Lin
Albaflora* @5/1 2.30A
Kyprios* @4/1 2.50Lin
Shanroe 3.10Hay
Isabella Giles 3.25LIn
River Nymph 3.40A
Group One Power* @9/2 4.15A

Done the ITV7 and ****e/w Acca Win Doubles & Trebles.
Will do some cover as and when. Need a little punt with Isabella Giles in it somewhere. Good Luck All.
Zac's tip is owned by Conor O'Brien and trained by ... E.P. O'Brien. Wonder what the connection is?
Doh ... that was the one I did a couple of weeks ago at Aintree and it fell. I left it out today and ........
That was a nice win. Group 1 Power in would give me a very nice contribution to the holiday fund.
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Just the one winner for me, Togo. Had a good long look at River Nymph but still drew a line through it, eventually. Think i need a new slide-rule and protractor :-))
Still fuming with myself for not doing Copperless Ken. It was all over the two that went on to be 1st and 2nd when falling at Aintree. I should learn to forgive. (^_*)
Some big prize money was on offer today Ken, it is a tragedy really that the stands are still empty on what is usually the first "big" Saturdays race meetings at a lot of turf tracks. Not much happening Tomorrow, which doesn't bother me unduly as I am on duty again in a counting booth for the Police Commissioner vote. They have been desperate for staff up here for the elections and I have never done two stints in a week. But ... I have funds still available and a bit more after a £2.50 e/w winner for York starting on Thursday. Will keep my eye on the topic in case you post, or I have a flutter before then. The season is over and Stoke have started winning away. Drives me mad. :))
Who do you fancy for play off wins Ken. I fancy Swansea. Sunderland and Tranmere.

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Saturday Punt - 8 May 2021

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