Saturday Punt - 6 Feb 2021

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Ken4155 | 13:23 Sat 06th Feb 2021 | Other Sports
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ITV 7; Dame De Compagnie, Blakeney Point, Port Stanley, Alnadam, Hpneysuckle, Ask Me Early and Dino Boy.
Taking a bit of a chance on the first selection (Henderson has won this race in '13, '14, '17 & '18) so leaving it out of the e.w. acca. The remaining 6 in £1 e.w. acca.

Back later.


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Bit better today. But the racing has been Kathmandu for the last few weeks, imo.
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The weather has taken out a couple of races i would have been interested in for my main bet but, tempted by the generosity of SkyBet, i'm popping across the water for a couple of runners;

2.05 Muss; Blakeney Point @ 15/2 (Sky - 4 places)
2.45 Leop; Port Stanley @ 9/1 (Sky - 6 places)
3.45 Muss; Dino Boy @ 13/2 (Sky - 5 places)
3.50 Leop; He's A Hardy Bloke @ 10/1 (Sky - 7 places)

Win singles, 20p Lucky 15, £1 e.w. acca. 4 placed = poss return of £39, 4 winners = poss return of £7,491.

Be lucky :-)
1;15 Sandown- [email protected]/1
3;45 Mussel- Dino [email protected]/2
4;19 " " -Federici @6/1
4;25 Leopardstown-Noble [email protected]/2
just a small L15.
I'm avoiding the AW until D. Tudhope comes back.
Sorted. Shame Wetherby is off, it was a good card. Sandown is one more let down by owners and trainers who can't turn up for what is very good prize money again. Well done to Musselburgh for getting a good meeting together and keeping the track in a fit state and what with the game just up the road afterwards all sporting eyes look north. I think I may have even found a "dark horse" in the 2.05 up there. The snow is coming and I am due to travel first thing Mon. for my vaccine at what looks like the height of the blizzard. If it gets as bad as forecast I may have to take my motor down and park it on the main road so that I can get into Llandudno. Can walk up and down the hill to it hopefully. Not had to do that for 11 years. Still that is for then and this is for now. Done the ITV7, with little e/w 7 & 6 timers. Also done **** as a £1 E/W Acca E/W Doubles and Trebles, and ⁕⁕⁕ a £1 Trixie. Can take cover if it goes pear shaped early. Good Luck if you have a punt.

Shane Blue* @5/2 1.50San.
Dear Sire* @16/1 2.05Muss.
The Shunter⁕ @4/1 2.45Leop.
Evander* @13/2 2.55San.
Sharjahh⁕ @11/4 3.15Leop.
Ask Me Early⁕ @11/4 3.30San.
The Ferry Master* @5/1 3.45Muss.
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Must admit to having had a long, hard look at Dear Sire, myself, Togo. As you may already have guessed, i am a sucker for CD winners and had Hughsie been on it, i would have done it too - though it probably wouldn't have been such a big price. We'll never know whether McCain gave the Champ the choice or whether tactics (7lb claim) have played a part. Best of luck.
Well I'm glad that is over. Better see if I can recoup losses on the rugger.
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Hope you didn't back Engerland, Togo :-(
Everything i touched yesterday turned to mould; horses, football, numbers. I even overcooked my tea a tad :-((

Today's begun well enough, though, with a fiver (@7/2) on Kane FGS :-))

Done a straightforward L15 and e.w. acca, today and also had a bash at the ITV 7.

1.25 M; On A Promise @ 10/3 (4 places)
1.35 S; Arcavallo @ 3/1 (4 places)
2.55 M; Nikgarde @ 8/1
3.25 S; Mister Freeze @ 3/1

4 placed = poss £11, 4 winners = poss £901.

ITV 7; Fiveandtwenty, Appreciate It, Threeunderthrufive, Unexpected Depth, Nikgarde, Bareback Jack & Minella Ido.

Best of luck if you're playing.
Missed you earlier Ken. Been busy tidying up my old laptop and moving some photos about that I want to make safe. I did indeed waste more hopes on the rugger. How can any team be so bad after so much practice? They were truly abysmal in all areas. There is something amiss in the camp. I have been so preoccupied with "stuff" that I have even let the Sky Fantasy Footie slip under the radar. Just hope the snow stays away until about 11am tomorrow. Hope that you are well bud.

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Saturday Punt - 6 Feb 2021

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