Saturday Punt - 12 Dec 2020

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Ken4155 | 12:14 Sat 12th Dec 2020 | Other Sports
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Opening thread :-)


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What time is it running?
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Too many small fields, 'hot' favs, to do an e.w. acca on the ITV 7 so i've just stuck a straight £1 acca on them.

ITV 7; Coole Cody, Ofalltheginjoints, Ashtown Lad, Monmiral, Silver streak, Jersey Bean and The White Mouse.

1.50 Che; Coole Cody @ 10/1 (6 places)
3.00 Che; Silver Streak @ 17/2 (15/2 4 places)
3.15 Don; Jersey Bean @ 5/1 (4 places)
3.35 Che; The White Mouse @ 4/1 (4 places)

Win singles, 20p L15, £1 e.w. acca. 4 placed (Sky) = poss £27, 4 winners (365) = poss £3,890

(The £1 e.w. would return £2,832 with Sky, the L15 would return £1,058 with 365)

Also a Trixie/Treble on Defi Sacre, Twin Star and Ibleo for a poss £317.

Good luck, guys :-)

Morning Guys. Good racing but why the hell do they think that the ITV7 needs 4 and 5 horse races when there are good races with 8 plus runners? I see that Hooly Doyle was making history out in Hong Kong at the jockey festival/celebration/contest. The first lady rider to have a winner there. All sorted, but no e/w element at any of the races for me and no odds on in anything but the free bet. Get back when I have laid it.
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Also done a 'name' bet - otherwise known as a 'mug's bet' :-)
Ruby Two, Danny Kirwan & Marshal Dan. R Robin and e.w. Treble for a poss return of (£9) £391. Time to have a good look at the football, now.
Tend to get a lot of small fields when there's good prize money on offer. Ireland tend to get a good turn-out in the better races.
I'll have 3 small bets at Cheltenham.
1:50 Al Dancer
2:25 Wynn House
3:00 Sceau Royal
and concentrate on the AW. (lol, I used to hate the AW when it first came out. Don't mind it now, particularly today's 2 courses)
Al Dancer* @5/1 1.59Ch.
Hurricane Harvey* @9/4 2.05Don.
Ashtown Lad⁕ @2/1 2.25Ch.
Monmiral 2.40Don.
Goshen⁕ @7/4 3.00Ch.
Jersey Bean* @5/1 3.15Don.
Aggy With It* @4/1 3.35Ch.

**** £1.00 Acca 40p Doubles and Trebles. ⁕⁕£5.00 Double.(Free bet with Skybet) Small 5 and 6 timers on the 6 odds against runners from the ITV7.

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Spice, when the all weather tracks first appeared, i loved them. Mainly because i used to do quite well with them. Then, over time, i got to regard them as 3rd rate tracks with 'donkey derby' style events, and i avoided them like the plague. It's only over the last 12 months or so that i have resumed betting at them.
Newcastle looks like a good card Spice. Must admit that I had a peep to see whether the doc had any runners going with Fahey or Williams, but have not done a punt. An old favourite of mine goes later there, Firmament.
There are a lot of 'bottom rung' races on the AW. I tend to follow in-form stables/jockeys (until they ain't in-form again) Touch wood, it's going well. Such small stakes, I don't much care what happens. Yes, I'm enjoying it.
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The White Mouse softens the blow for me, but makes someone's Christmas that extra £50,000 special. Jealous, me? :-/
No joy this end Ken, 2 winners and no returns. The winner was Henry Gardner if you are lucky enough to know him.
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I was hoping it was a very close relative of mine, Togo :-)))
Haha Ken I only looked in case it was one of my brothers.
Just this second had a 50/1 third at Wolver. The pay-out will be a lucky dip. More fun than the race.
Did Klopp in the last at Newcastle and that's another pay-out I'm dreading. Probably have to pay them.
If you think I'm boasting about all these 'winning' bets, I should point out they're the first two 'winners' I've had today out of 20? bets.
Lucky I know the rest of tonight's winners, innit. ;-)
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Just returned home and logged into my Sky account in order to place a bet at Kempton. Discover that there is £28.65 in the account then realise that Coole Cody was 6th on Saturday, and Sky were paying to 6 places, so e.w. component of my bet was up. Did better than i thought, then. Definitely worth the trouble of putting the e.w. on with Sky and the L15 and win singles on with 365 :-)

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Saturday Punt - 12 Dec 2020

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