Saturday Punt - 28 Nov 2010

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Ken4155 | 12:18 Sat 28th Nov 2020 | Other Sports
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Opening the thread.


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ITV 7; Epatante, Enrichissant, Marie's Rock, Byron Flyer, Vinndication, Pym and Moonlighter. Take out Epatante and i've done a £1 e.w. acca on the rest.

1.15 N'b; Almazhar Garde @ 12/1 (5 places)
1.50 N'b; On The Wild Side @ 7/1
2.18 Don; Enrichissant @ 8/1
3.00 N'b; Vinndication @ 7/1 (5 places)

Win singles, 20p Lucky 15, £1 e.w. acca. Acca done with Sky for the extra places. 4 placed = poss £51, 4 winners = poss £8,559.

Couldn't make up my mind on Kim Bailey's 2 runners in the 3.00 at N'b and was, in the end, swayed by in-form David Bass's decision to stick with Vinndication. So have done the rev f/c.

Best of luck, chaps.
Gotcha Ken. Just waiting for n/rs before posting. Missed you yesterday although I was out most of the day getting a few errands sorted before it is too late or we are all in lockdown again. How the heck they can leave the 1.15 and 1.50 races out of the ITV7 is beyond me.
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I actually studied both races believing they would be in the 7, Togo. Then i logged on to Sky and saw that they were not. I find it totally weird seeing as how the 1.50 is televised?
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Also done a Trixie/Treble at Newc;

Tupelo Mississippi @ 7/4 - 12.55
Aye Aye Charlie @ 5/2 - 1.30
Pym @ 9/4 - 3.15

Poss £92.50
Sorted. Gets more complicated every week.
ITV7. Epatante, Corrany, Botox Has, Tayzar, Kildisart, Pym, Moonlighter. Little 6 and 5 timers without the odds on runner.

The Bay Birch @22/1 1.15Nbury.
Flash The Steel @11/1 1.50Nbury.
Tayzar @11/1 2.53Donc.
Kildisart @15/2 3.00Nbury.

£1.00 E/W Acca. 25p E/W Doubles and Trebles.

Found it very hard to leave Potterman out of the 3.00Nbury so have done a little single on him. Will have a look at the others in the ITV7 list later when things pan out a bit. Probably find a little Trixie in there somewhere.
Nice win from the Skelton team. I was on it last week when it fell whilst going easy at Haydock in another hurdle race. They don't send em back out unless they are ready.
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Good hit, Togo. Hope you get something to go with it.
Quick Trixie on Pym,3.15Newc, Moonlighter 3.35Nbur, & The Daley Express 4.00Wolv. 5/2, 5/2, & 10/1. Franny Norton on the last. Just the man you want riding for your Christmas Box if you are a small time owner with a runner at Wolverhampton.
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I'll be casting an eye over the Wol card at when the half time whistle sounds in the City v Burnley match - actually dreading watching it never having seen our reserve keeper play before.

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Saturday Punt - 28 Nov 2010

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