Racing. Sat 21St Nov

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Spicerack | 11:46 Sat 21st Nov 2020 | Other Sports
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Can't wait.


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Commodore 12.40 Haydock might need run but has great each way prospects
12:11 Sat 21st Nov 2020
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First horse has already lost. Think I'll concentrate on Lingfield & Naas.
If there's any money left Wolver tonight.
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The NH flat race at Huntingdon today has an Abdulla cast off, a Godolphen cast off and a Coolmore cast off, lol.
There was a R.Varien cast off running for the first time last night. Hacked up at 33/1. It was by Lopez de Vega and cost 325,000g as a yearling. He sold it in August for 4,000g. Ouch!
Let's hope we have a better day than Roger. ;-)
So pleased i checked before opening a thread :-)

As i have said on here a few times, i get 2 newspapers - Mirror and Express - both sides of the coin, and i do get quite a bit of info on the Mirror's racing pages (saves me a lot of time having to trawl through on line stats). Imagine, then, my horror this morning when the lady at my corner shop explained that she had no DM's! I was basically left with a choice of Star or Sun - and i have never been able to read the Sun; something about it's layout, i think. So i bought the Star. Who on Earth can read this thing? It's so full of......................well, nothingness. As for the racing pages? So crammed together and in such small print. Thankfully it's only 80p wasted. But it does mean that i've had to search for the stats on line. Just hope my efforts are rewarded :-)

1.50 Hay; Arrivederci @ 5/1
2.25 Hay; Dolphin Square @ 12/1
3.17 Asc; Amoola Gold @ 7/1
3.35 Hay; King's Monarch @ 9/2

Win singles 20p Lucky 15 (with 365), £1 e.w. acca (with Sky). 4 placed = £31, 4 winners = £4,037.

ITV 7; the four above plus Orchestral Rain, Lostintranslation and Wraysford. Took out Lostintranslation and done a £1 e.w. acca on the 6.

Best of luck, chaps.
Commodore 12.40 Haydock might need run but has great each way prospects
One thing the Star does, which the Mirror does not, is say which trainers and jockeys are 'not' in form. Derek Shaw has sent out 100 runners since his last win (just the one runner today, Prince Abu in the bumper at Hunt), while Kieran O'Neill has had 106 rides since his last win. He rides Kusnacht for John Gosden in 6.30 Wol. I had a friend who would look out for this sort of thing on the premise that they are due a win. He'll be on both of those horses, as sure as egggs are eggs :-))
Hope your Commodore comes 2nd for you, weecalf, hopefully behind my Bob Mahler (12s). Wind op since last run.
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Prince Abu. Godolphin cast off, I think. Don't you like the Racing Post, ken? I always get it when I go out, saves me having to talk to people, much.
I used to get the Racing Post regularly, Spice, before i invented the internet :-) I now find that much of what is in the 'Post' is readily available on line - the RP's website is one of my on line sources - particularly At The Races.
Jumped 'em silly, weecalf. Then caught in the shadow of the post. I feel your pain :-(
Afternoon men. Just been waiting to see whether there were any n/rs before posting. The cards are a bit of a curate's egg again with Ascot attracting shockingly small fields for what is serious prize money, but Haydock(as ever) managing to attract good fields for most of the card and Huntington putting Ascot to shame despite being a bit off the beaten track and not paying out anywhere near as much prize money. Done the usual. ITV7 and split it into a Trixie⁕⁕⁕ and the other 4**** an E/W Acca, Trebles, & Doubles. Good luck.

Flash The Steel* @14/1 1.50Hay
Orchestral Rain⁕ @9/4 1.58Hunt.
Imperial Alcazar* @13/2 2.25Hay.
Clan Des Obeaux⁕ @5/2 3.00Hay.
Capeland* @5/1 3.17Asc.
Don Poli⁕ @4/1 3.35Hay.
Hamilton's Fantasy* @11/1 3.50Asc.

Good Call Weecalf!!!! Only beaten half a length.
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Couldn't get a winner last night or this morning then my auld neighbour called for a coffee. Cursing him cos I couldn't listen to the 2 races I bet on. Checked results, 9/2 and 13/2 winners.
Back to normal now, that Fakir just lost.
My local bookies is closed, so have enough for a fish supper lol
Just had a £3 win on Robin Gold 1.30 Asc and must admit to getting very vociferous with the pilot, Bridget Andrews as she didn't shake the reins once. However, the horse coasted up alongside the winner after the last and won by about a length. Can't make my mind up whether that was a very good, well timed ride, or whether she was lucky to get away with it :-)
The Sporting Life is calling that a very cheeky ride Ken. Bet Skelton was going mental if the tactics weren't his instructions.
One of those rides that looks good when it comes off but had the runner up just got that 2nd wind, so to speak, Bridget may not have had time to galvanise any extra effort from her mount. Of course she may have been looking after the horse's handicap mark but the handicappers aren't stupid. They know that had she asked earlier, Robin Gold could have won by any sort of distance.
Ruddy hopeless. Get the chip pan on and keep my eye on the mental game at the Brit.
Robin Gold sole winner of the day for me, Togo. Did manage £36 back from two score draws in a football bet, so not a total waste of a day. And still got a bet running at Wolverhampton.
Not often that you can complain that Barcelona have let you down but just checked tonight's results and that's what's happened. I even did 'double chance', but they were beaten 1-0. Would've been £176 returned :-((

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Racing. Sat 21St Nov

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