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Togo | 12:19 Sat 04th Jul 2020 | Other Sports
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Derby Day and the Oakes as well. Looks more like King George weather out there at the mo. The Derby looks a good race and seems pretty open to me. The draw may have fettled Frankie's ride but if anyone can work it out it is him. With that in mind I will not be going all in on the race and have put Kameko in my ITV7 and will be doing a bit of E/W on Highland Chief and Worthily nearer the off. Nice card up at Haydock with a couple of horses from "my stable" out for a jollie so I have had a look at them. Another one for later perhaps is one that I was following last year as a 2yr old. It has since been sold and is now trained in Ireland by J.P. O'Brien having left Fahey. Summer Sands in the last at Naas. Did me proud last year with a 100/1 place in a Group 1 race. For now I have done.

Triple Spear @11/4 12.30Hay.
Madrinho @4/1 1.00Hay.
Alternative Fact @9/2 2.40Hay
Ironclad @4/1 3.00Epsom.

£1.00 win Accca 40p win Doubles and Trebles.

Done the ITV7 of course with the bottom 2 of the above & Safe Voyage 2.25Eps, Frankly Darling 3.40Eps, Wolflet 3.15Hay, Cloak Of Spirits 4.15Eps, & Kameko 4.55 Derby. Done the usuall little 6 + 7 timers e/w on the ITV7 and as I said can alter my sights later if I have missed with the first shots. Good luck if you have a go. Incidentally it is all free for me again today....I did a little trixie last Monday that paid me £80 odd for the 3 winners. Had a good chuckle and banked £50 and have not looked again apart from today.


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Afternoon, Togo. Had a perfunctory glance at the cards earlier and am just about to begin the selection process. Like you I had a bit of a tickle earlier in the week with 3/4 (Wednesday) for a £145 return. T'other was the 4/1 fav ridden by Johnson and out the back - such is life.
Cannot understand the powers that be who look after the PR side of racing. When Hollie Doyle became the first lady pilot to ride 100 winners in a season, it was big news. Recently when she joined Hayley in winning at Royal Ascot, it was deemed newsworthy. However, she rode 4 winners at Wolverhampton on Thurs night (3 on the spin) for 3 different trainers and a very decent 850/1 acca. Don't know about you, T, but I cannot remember a lady rider having ever accomplished this feat before, yet not a peep from the PR crew? Someone not doing their job properly, imho.
Rant over, back shortly :-)
1.00 Hay; Madrinho @ 9/2
2.40 Hay; Kryptos @ 7/1
4.55 Eps; English King @ 4/1
5.35 Eps; Tintoretto @ 15/2

Win singles, 20p Lucky 15, £1 e.w. acca. 4 placed = £27, 4 winners = £2,344.

£1 e.w. (4 places) Mr Scaramanga @ 22/1.

Having a butchers at the ITV7, now.
ITV 7; Safe Voyage, Kryptos, Tinandali*, Frankly Darling, Poets Lady*, Foorat and English King. £1 e.w. acca.

* = Patent/e.w. treble along ith Louganini in the 4.25 Hay. Poss return £899.

Best of luck with your sights re-calibrated :-)
Good luck, chaps.
Had 13/8 and 5/2 winners at Haydock.
Hope we're having a thread tomorrow?
Nothing jumping out at me today. Will play it by ear.
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Dohh..Ironclad let me down after a good start to the ITV7. Do Grand Rumore(Hay 3.15), Frankly Darling and Wolflet in a little trixie.
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Wonder what the commentary in the first at Epsom went like bearing in mind the name of the winner?
Read something this morning (can't remember where) that said not to dismiss the top 'un in the Oaks. And these two have just given it a decent mention, so, being the mug I am, I've just had a quid e.w. on @ 50/1.
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I did the bottom one at 150/1 ya do.
Shall we do them in a rev f/c? :-))))))))))))))
The one race in the calendar I can never really muster enthusiasm for is The Derby. It may have been considered the pinnacle of English racing back in the day, but when one trainer (even if it is the legendary Aiden Patrick O'Brien) is responsible for over a third of the field, it devalues it quite a bit, imho. Sooner have a 16 runner 1m handicap at Happy Haddock :-))
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I was thinking the same thing Ken there should be a limit on entries from one trainer or owner. It devalues the winner's bloodline in my opinion. Apart from that I have just given myself a good "talking to" for ignoring one of my Poets.....especially when I did it last time out when it came 2nd. Doh.
I had it, Togo, (as i said in my earlier post @ 13:24) along with Tinandali (2nd) and Louganini (1st) for just shy of £50 back. That's paid for the day and I've still one or two irons in the fire :-)
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I know You did it Ken.......from the minute that I read you had, I was.....ohh ohhh....I know what happens now. It Did.
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That is why 6 runners from the same trainer is not good. The other 5 runners let him "steal" the race with those tactics by lulling all the rest into sitting and waiting. Waiting in vain indeed.
Every one of those beaten pilots ought to be ashamed of themselves. A farce of a race, never mind the best race in the world. Well done to the winning jock - not his fault, no-one told him pacemakers are not supposed to win the race :-))
Great minds think alike, Togo. Bet Mr R Moore is as sick as a chocolate chip.
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Same judgements from us Ken.......except yours was a bit more charitable than mine. :))
The Derby just a joke nowadays.A 25-1 winner.Lead all the way.Some kind of a scam going on here.Are all the jockeys in in the scam or just some of them.
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Think I will have a little e/w on Summer Sands and call it a day. If I have a look tomorrow I will post it here anyway. Sort a Lasagne out, and have a gargle right now.

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