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HowardKennitby | 22:08 Wed 10th Oct 2012 | Other Sports
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I am looking at a baseball game at the moment and I notice that some players have helmets that cover one ear. Why is this?




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It's the batter's side of his head that faces the pitcher - at least that's the way it always seems to be whenever I've watched.
It's the side that faces the pitcher, bit like a cricketer wearing a protective thigh pad on the leg facing the bowler.
I really must learn to type quicker bibble!!
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Seems that is why. Not sure that will help a lot as the rest of his face(chin, nose etc) could still be hit.
On similar topic I was watching the CLT20 cricket matches and a batsman was hit around the eye while wearing a helmet. He was not BADLY hurt and returned to bat after he stopped bleeding.
What channel is the baseball on currently? I've forgotten to watch the World Series in the last few years and wouldn't mind giving it a go again this year (used to be so simple when it was on channel 5).
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I am streaming one of the Fox Sport channels
Thanks, I'll give streaming a go in a couple of weeks time and hopefully find a channel that is as good, quality-wise, as the Ryder Cup when I watched that.
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I am using this at the moment
ta, that's 1 of those i have bookmarked already
Because in baseball the one ear is at the front of the ball and the other one will never comes in front of the ball.
Looking at a film the other night that I recorded sometime ago on a VHS tape, I discovered that I had also taped the baseball match which had been broadcast afterwards between the Red Sox and the Toronto(?) Blue Jays. I know nothing at all about the game but watched in an attempt to understand the rules and after half an hour was more confused then when I started. What is it all about?
I thought it was just glorified rounders.
Oi ^^^^^^^
These type of helmets have been designed for better protection of players. I think very good invention.

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