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lesblue | 19:00 Tue 05th Oct 2010 | Football
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I think the so-called "big four" has evolved into a new "big five" of Chelsea, Man Utd, Arsenal, Tottenham and Man City. From what I have seen this season, I have no reason to think that Chelsea will finish anywhere other than top, Man City look strong enough to mount a decent challenge, and Spurs have a squad as strong as any in the country. Which means (in my opinion) that Arsenal or Man U will miss out on Champions League football next season. I say Arsenal. Your thoughts??


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Top 5 will be the same a slast year (but in a different order- Chelsea, ManU, Man City, Arsenal,Tottenham, I think)
Dear god if you exist let it be Man united.......please pretty please...
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You're right there, steve. In fourteen seasons between 1959 and 1972 there were ELEVEN different Champions. And, even though we didn't win much except the odd cup, I used to enjoy going to matches more back in the seventies. The start of the season wondering if this was going to be your year (it never was). Looking at the other teams with envy, wondering how we could perhaps raise our game when taking on the might of Derby County and Leeds United. Oh,happy days. Gone, but not forgotten!!
Spurs won't quite cut it
Not forgetting the Mighty Baggies....We're lurking ;-)
Tee Hee.

Reckon it'll be Chelsea Man City Arsenal Man U Tottingham in that order.
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The Big Five

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