Liverpool's new stadium.............How will they pay for it?

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lesblue | 09:52 Thu 14th Jan 2010 | Football
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Last Summer it was revealed that Liverpool failed to pay even the interest on their huge debt. That was with European Champions League football and a huge sum of money received for the greatly missed Xavi Alonso. Next season they are unlikely to be receiving any cash from European football (unless they manage to scrape into the Thursday night pub league). If Benitez is sacked, they will have to find shed-loads of cash to pay him off. OK, they will have extra revenue from the inevitable sale of Gerrard, Torres and Reina, but that will only go towards paying off the interest once again. Oh dear, never mind!!


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I love it when you talk dirty, lol.
A mate of mine used to say years ago a while after after Peter Johnson had gone that Liverpool couldn't get through what Everton have been through.
We might see now, they could do another Leeds...
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liverpool are in a bit of Sugar now, and selling gerrard torres and reina, even if they get a lot of money for them then what, it will no longer be a 3 man team, it will be overpaid muppets standing around in liverpool jerseys wondering what a football is
sugar???? i said shitt
What a lot of Kopites don't seem to grasp is that it's not about finding a buyer, it's finding a buyer who is willing to take pssession of the debts.
If Liverpool are 100 million in debt (secured against the club) but it's market value is say 50 million because there's no Champions League etc, then who is going to pay that kind of money.
Why do Liverpool need a new stadium?

In their heyday, when they were still anything of a "superpower" in football, yes ...

... but not now.

Steven G will leave, and Liverpool will become a mid-table club with a posh stadium.
a very,, very rich liverpool fan, it not that they dont grasp it, it that they are hoping for a miracle or something, it still isn't too late for them to reach the champions league for next season yet though,
are Liverpool in as much debt as Man United
Liverpool need a new Stadium as there are about 60,000 Fans on the waiting list for Season Tickets.
There will be an announcement in the next couple of months regarding new investors as work is due to commence building in Stanley Park around April.
There may well be a naming rights issue along similar lines to what Arsenal have done.
Having a name other than Anfield would be rather strange to say the least !
but that doesn't matter,, united would be making a bigger turn-over than liverpool, so they can hold better
Mind you ... Reading did cheat last night.

If that teeny brush against his leg caused that Reading player to fall over ...

... then he has some sort of middle-ear disorder.

If any of us had gone down in Lacrosse from a pathetic touch like that, we'd have been jeered and thwapped in the changing room.

But I keep forgetting ... with the amount that footballers pay for their hairdos, they must avoid touching each other, poor dears.
JJ you'll rarely (if ever) get sense out of a Kopite, against Wolves, a Wolves player made even less contact and got sent off, rightly so said the Kopites but then you remind them about Carragher's sending off , and he got the ball.
Whoops, I'm intruding on private grief again, pmsl.
did you's hear about liverpools signing of maxi rodriguez
Austin Maxi Rodriguez, looks like Jo with a left foot to me, lol.
After standing on a Saturday afternoon, watching my team struggling about in the mud at our crappy old ground ...

... it annoys me to watch a bunch of primadonnas from the higher divisions, throwing themselves around like school children.

It needs some fat, loud spectator to shout ...

"Get up and play the game, you big fairy!"
ur a legend jayne,, very true, i tore me ligaments and needed reconstruction playing footy and i didn't complain when it happened
Was that you?
Could start by shouting that at Aquilani, he looks like the biggest fanny since Adams, I'm doing it again, intruding on private grief, lol.
top_d ...

That must have been when football was a rugged game for guys ...

... not just an excuse to wear yellow boots and the latest club colours.
haha, ye true, and the funny thing it happened when i was making a tackle i changed me mind mid tackle to doing a slide tackle and............

all the big teams and the world cup, they just drop to the floor, although it's kinda funny the long haired players fulling to the floor like rag dolls

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Liverpool's new stadium.............How will they pay for it?

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