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lesblue | 09:12 Tue 31st Mar 2009 | Football
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Who or what is missing from each list? (all in order).
1. Busby, McGuiness, ???, O'Farrell, Docherty.
2. Forest, Liverpool, ???, Hamburg, Liverpool.
3. di Matteo, Overmars, ???, di Matteo, Ljungberg.
4. Tottenham, West Ham, ???, Chelsea, Everton.
5. Zidane, Figo, ???, Buffon, Robinho.
6. Tottenham, Liverpool, ???, Borussia Moenchengladbach, Liverpool.
7. Henry, Terry, ???, Ronaldo, Ronaldo.
8. Milan, Glasgow, ???, Gelsenkirchen, Istanbul.
9. Shilton, Beckham, ???, Charlton, Wright.
10. Bolton, Newcastle, ???, Bolton, Cardiff.


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1 Busby
2 Aston Villa
6 Feyenoord
2 villa
8 mancheter
9 moore
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Question Author
Hi everyone.
Correct so far
1. Busby (Man U managers)
2. Aston Villa (succesive European Cup winners)
6. Feyenoord (succesive UEFA Cup winners)
7. Gerrard (PFA Players of the year)
8. Manchester (Champions league finals venues)
9. Bobby Moore (England caps won)

Clues to the others
3. This chain started in 1997
4. The OTHER European trophy
5. Money money money
10. (Old) Wembley

Good luck.
3 Sheringham - First goal in the Cup Final, starting in 1997, thanks for the clue

4 Man City - English Cup-Winners Cup winners

5 Hernan Crespo - most expensive transfers

10 Sheffield Utd - winners of the first 5 FA Cup Finals at Wembley. Again, thanks for the clue.

I like it Les, thanks
Question Author
And CJP puts home the rebound.

Well done.
actually,when ofarrell left, pat crerand took charge for one game,before the doc
Question Author
^^^^He couldn't have done a very good job then. Not even recognised by the Official Manchester United website.
he didnt,they drew 1-1 with leeds at old trafford,and then they lost 3-1 at i stand corrected, he took charge of 2 games.the doc had a poor start too,losing 3-1 to arsenal on 6th jan 1973,then in his second match they got beat by wolves in the F A cup!!

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