Man U........the great entertainers

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lesblue | 12:00 Mon 09th Feb 2009 | Football
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Can someone answer the following question please? It will be best if the answer came from Supporters of Man U or Liverpool, because they know more about football than anybody else.

When Chelsea were winning back-to-back titles, they were "grinding out" boring 1-0 victories. Now Man United are doing the self-same thing, it is because "that is what Champions are made of". Just a thought.


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becasue lesblue manure can do no wrong, no wrong at all, reporters are petrified of Ferguson he has every single referee in his pocket and sky sports in particular have multiple orgasms everytime they play, they are a very dull side to watch these days
The West Ham Game was admittedly pretty dull with not many chances. However, most of our previous 1-0s have been entertaining and with lots of chances on goal. Our finishing hasn't been great this season but we are still playing entertaining football.

Giggs' goal was very good yesterday. I wouldn't yet admit we are boring, but I would sooner we were winning 4-1 than 1-0.
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Gromit, the question was posed a little bit "tongue in cheek", because, I agree, man U have been the most attractive side to watch this season. The thing that really pi$$es me off is the fallacy (have I spelt that right?) that Chelsea were TOTALLY boring under Mourinho. Yes, they knew how to "win ugly", but there were times when we played some wonderful stuff, including at OT in 2005 and again at home to Man U a year later. My god, that seems SUCH a long, long time ago!! :-(
You'll never get honesty out of the corporate four.
All the Kopites I know say that they've been winning games without playing well and apparently that means they are a good side.
League tables don't lie, Benitez at 2-1 was an idiot and should go, at 2-3 he was a genius.
Man Utd are a better side to watch than Liverpool, in fact they're consistently the most entertaining team in the prem, although on a personal level I'd rather watch Everton.
I don't think we [Man Utd] are as good to watch this season as we have been in the last two. I think partly because Ronaldo is under-performing compared to recent seasons and also because we are missing Carlos Queiroz since he took the Portuguese national job.

I also think that no side can play attractive football for 38 games and that any side that wants to win the title has to learn to "grind out" results when they have too.
lesblue - I think that in the beginning Chelsea were a great side to watch under Mourinho but that was when you played with wingers...
Lesblue, opening paragraph yes we do ;-)

I think your right assuming that is what it takes to win championships especially in the premiership, Cantona used to do it for Us, Bergkamp did it for Arsenal and the list goes on, one man is not enough to carry L'pool though.

I agree with a lot of the above United are not playing their best thus far in the season comparatively. Also think that is down to Ronnie not been at his best (I won't mention the old chestnut of Injuries etc... we all have them) but Strength in depth is a must... It's a squad thing not just a team thing.
man u are playing with 10 men anyway,Berbatov must be the laziest player in the history of the premiership!! Fergie wont take him off.its always tevez!!
I think ...

(setting myself up to get shot down, here)

... that winning the Premiership is not about playing the best football (otherwise Arsenal would be champions) ...

... it's about being the grittiest, most resilient team.

When the chips are down, and it's a crap day out on the pitch, you still come away with those 3 points.

So yes ... I think the champions abiding impression of the champions each year will be that they were "tough" ... not that they were "pretty".

Alex Ferguson isn't an entertainer ... he's a ball cruncher. So Man Utd will continue clawing their way to the top, year after year.
Remove one "champions" from the above !!
see brighton got stuffed JJ
its all about the points, however if the football is not good they are going to lose more matches. There is more to a good match than wonderful goals, a solid midfield and strong defence can make an average team excellent.

A lot of the big 4 have been playing below par lately, certainly not spellbinding stuff but as long as they are bagging points thats all that matters in the end.
beejay ... how nice of you to remind me !

I mean ... Peterborough?

ffs ... who the fcuk are Peterborough?

Stupid game.

JJ -at home to carlisle this weekend--did you say that that is the longest distance between two clubs currently in any english league section
Question Author
Oi, JJ. Thats MY local team you are talking about. Nothing wrong with Peterborugh (well, perhaps thats not totally true).
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We all know which team were originally dubbed 'The Entertainers!'


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Man U........the great entertainers

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