Scottish Villains?

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Ken4155 | 13:08 Wed 01st Jun 2022 | Football
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Scotland host Ukraine tonight in a World Cup qualifying semi-final play-off to determine who will face Wales in the final. Many are saying the game ought not to be played because of what is happening in Ukraine, but the Ukraine Football Association are happy enough for the game to go ahead and the players are eager to give their fellow countrymen a bit of a much-needed fillip.

However, Scotland will go all out to be the 'villains of the piece'. To get this far, they won their last 6 group games to finish 2nd while Ukraine went unbeaten through all their group games (Won 2, drawn 6). An emotionally charged atmosphere will add to the tension and i see a tight match developing. Ukraine have scored in their last 10 away games (incl friendlies) so i am having a small punt on;

BTTS & Scotland @ 5/1 - 365


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had to google BTTS- both team's to score
Well Ukraine did win Eurovision .
Didn't someone post a thread suggesting Scotland should throw the game to show solidarity with Ukraine. Likewise Wales.
//Scotland will go all out to be the 'villains of the piece'.// Could you please explain what you mean by this?
I think he jsut means "by beating Ukraine", maggie
"Villains" as in the fairy-tale result would be a win for Ukraine but although Scotland and Scotland fans welcome the Ukraine team, Scotland will go all-out to spoil that fairytale.
Thanks for the explanation. If Ukraine win under their own steam then I will celebrate with them. However, I would hate Scotland to "throw" the match.
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That's exactly what i mean. The whole world - Scotland and Russia apart - would want to see Ukraine progress beyond this game and the next to qualify for the World Cup. By denying them, Scotland would be the 'villains'. Nothing sinister, Maggie. I've even backed them to do so and if they win me £30, they certainly won't be 'villains' in my mind. :-)

Prudie, there have been suggestions that Scotland (then Wales) ought to show 'solidarity' by letting Ukraine progress though i think it may be mainly English fans doing the suggesting. Even that well-known Scotsman Graham Souness said he would like to see Ukraine beat Scotland, then Wales, then go on to lift the WC.
Well good luck Scotland, and welcome anyone from Ukraine.
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You replied as i was typing Maggie.

Not playing to win wouldn't be showing 'solidarity', it would be showing total disrespect. IMHO, of course.
He’s a dope, won’t be showing his face in Scotland for a while :-)
I haven’t actually see any serious suggestions that this game should not take place, or that Scotland (and Wales) are somehow “villains” and should concede.
My Scottish friend who is a big Rangers fan is supporting the away side all the same and I reckon he won’t be the only Scot doing so
Graham Souness too!

There’s another

Good for him. People can support who they wish
Ich, why would your rangers fan support the away side (Ukraine) ?
Same reason as Graham Souness
Plus his wife is from Lviv.
But I think he’d support Ukraine anyway

Their choice and I would defend then to the end
I agree we all have a choice, but I do think in football our country come first ,. Hay Ho .
I’ve just been taking to a young refugee from Kyiv via Zaporizhzhya and Donetsk: 9 years old, left his mum and dad in Kyiv. His gran a friend of ours went to Romania to fetch him in March. I don’t know what they do with him but he didn’t even know Ukraine were playing tonight! I put him right.
I understand Graham Souness very well
Question Author
I wonder if Souness, who represented Scotland at 3 World Cups, would be saying the same were he a current international who had never been to a tournament?
Probably not.
But he isn’t, and so …

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