Answerbank Final Fantasy Football League Table 2021/22

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Arksided | 19:15 Mon 23rd May 2022 | Football
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Hi all I for one think it's been a very odd season again, the worst for me since I started playing.
I won't prattle on in my opening section straight to the table here's how we all finished...

AnswerBank Final League table 2021/22:

1. Hack Knee Empire... 3067
2. ImmunityCommunity... 2942
3. Howfen Hornets... 2873
4. Anti Bodycheck... 2864
5. Rob's Robbers... 2858
6. Lie in Too... 2675
7. Rottenham Snotspur... 2664
8. The Overpaid Nancyboys... 2658
9. Rob's Robbers Rob... 2642
10. lozzacfc1... 2634
11. Keawyed Cowboys... 2620
12. Lie in United... 2583
13. Rotationless Eleven... 2533
14. Trident Dribblers... 2421
15. Rodders Boys... 2403
16. Mam Utd... 2391
17. Turf Moor Terriers... 2353
18. Hereicome... 2350
19. Mostyn111... 2323
20. Elbows Eleven... 2302
21. Trigger... 2244
22. Hugo Mugget again. 2201
23. Qwerty... 1622
24. AnswerBank Gnomes... 1494

There we have it folks Yes we have a new champion this season from the last four seasons if memory serves so a BIG Congratulations to 'Hack Knee Empire' on winning it well done.
...and well done to all who played, good to see some new players this season again hope you all come back again next season and I'll try beat my pitiful 14th and 22nd.

Thank you Lie-in King for setting it up and the regular updates even during what must have being some troublesome times... Warrior and as always all the best to MamyaXx

Have a Great, Fun and Safe Summer everyone.

All the best ArkyXx


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Cheers Arky - Congratulations to the League winner! I hope everyone had some fun with their teams this season & hopefully you'll be back (along with some new managers) in August.

Stay safe & well, all :-))
Question Author
I hope everyone had some fun with their teams this season

Are you taking the pee... ;-)

You're welcome as always L.I.K happy to help and anyone looking in it's just for a laugh and good flumps for some... do join us next season.
Both my teams in the top ten. A distinct improvement from last year!
Question Author
Top ten is my realistic target, failed miserably this season well done Mozz.

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Answerbank Final Fantasy Football League Table 2021/22

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