Leeds - Phew!!

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haras2 | 18:47 Sun 22nd May 2022 | Football
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Pleased this afternoon is over, talk about frayed nerves.
One of my sons is a Leeds addict and was I pleased when Leeds did their seat of the pants act and
managed to stay up.
Do other people suffer this vicarious agony?


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I was gutted, I hate Leeds.
^and anywhere north of Watford?
Hope Leeds go down on the final day of next season.

Sour grapes? Yep! UTC.
I've never understood all this garbage about trivialities. I mean, it's not important is it? Up, down, in, out, so what? It's all about the money. And the superlatives are absolutely superlative, along with the exaggeration, Brian. Back to you.
All about the money? Maybe to those who own the clubs, 10C, but certainly not to the thousands of fans who live and breathe football. Despite living in a city which has provided the winners of the Premier League more often than not, you obviously don't follow the game.
I went to school with a famous Manchester footballer who played for England. I still see him occasionally. However, I can't buy into all the hype. I think if people "live and breathe football" then they will be taken advantage of by the clubs who will sell them any old tat. I watched the City game today and enjoyed it as a game but I was having a snigger at all the fans who were holding their hands to their faces as the afternoon wore on. It's all meaningless. And expensive.
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My question was about vicarious agony :-)
I think, given his facial expressions, my dog suffered a bit of vicarious agony while i was watching Burnley get relegated. He only came and sat with me after we scored our goal :-)

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Leeds - Phew!!

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