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Lie-in King | 12:48 Fri 17th Dec 2021 | Football
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Hi everyone! This is our new thread, the previous one is here -

As we move into Game Week 19, Covid is once again causing havoc with the schedule & this weekend - *as it stands* - looks like this -

Sat 18th - 2 matches, 1st kick-off 15:00
Sun 19th - 3 matches, 1st kick-off 14:00

Helpful sites -

The second link can be useful near to, or on, Game Days, though final updates can be infuriatingly late.

You can set your Captains for all upcoming match days in advance or choose them daily before the first kick-off.

I'll try to keep you updated with any further postponements, but if you see something before me, if you could add it to the thread, I'd be grateful.

Other than that, as usual I'll post further reminders & schedules during the next month.

Stay safe & well, all :-)


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Hi L.I.K, Subscribed, our Answerbank Latest League is here :
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Nice one, ta Arky.

Request for stickyfication is in...
I thought it might be, be safe though look who's propping up the table ;-)
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Bump for the info in the OP - Sky still showing 5 matches in total to be played.
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Morning all - as things stand, today's 1st kick-off is still 15:00
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Latest - Aston Villa v Burnley has been postponed
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Only kick-off today now 17:30 - Leeds v Arsenal
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Morning all - *as things stand*, there are still 3 matches to be played today & the 1st kick-off is at 14:00
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Good afternoon all! Well, unsurprisingly, Covid is still affecting the planned matches. We're approaching Game Week 20 & **as things stand**, the schedule looks like this -

Sun 26th - 7 matches, 1st kick-off 15:00
Mon 27th - 1 match, kick-off 20:00
Tue 28th - 6 matches, 1st kick-off 12:30
Wed 29th - 2 matches, 1st kick-off 19:30
Thu 30th - 2 matches, 1st kick-off 19:30

Of course, I'll post any further changes as soon as I see them, though if you see a confirmed postponement before me, please post the details here.

Reminders - the links in the OP are quite useful & you can pre-select your Captains for the whole Game Week now, or choose them on a daily basis before 1st kick-off.

I wish you all the very best Christmas possible - stay safe & well :-))
Merry Christmas to you L.I.K. as I'll be away tomorrow and probably Sunday as well, thought I'd sort them today Knowing the following games are postponed:

Liverpool v Leeds
Wolves v Watford
Burnley v Everton

For Monday Man United (away) have almost a fully fit squad but unsure of the Newcastle situation.

Merry Christmas everyone and good luck.
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Ta for that, Arky - yes, now only 6 matches tomorrow while the other days are *at the moment* showing as in my post on Friday ^^^.

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Afternoon all - reminder that there are still 6 matches on today - *as things stand* - & the 1st kick-off is at 15:00
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Afternoon all - *as things stand*, Newcastle v Man U is still on this evening, kick-off is 20:00
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Another reminder, kick-off 20:00
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Afternoon all - 2 postponed matches today mean that there are 4 to be played & the 1st kick-off is now 15:00
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Another bump...
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Afternoon all - *as things stand* there are 2 matches this evening & the 1st kick-off is at 19:30
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Bumping the info just above ^
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*As things stand*, this evening's only match - Man U v Burnley - is still on & the kick-off is at 20:15
Wow I was just checking on that :-)

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Fantasy Football Continued...

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