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Lie-in King | 11:37 Thu 16th Sep 2021 | Football
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Hi everyone - this is our latest thread, as the previous one will stop showing in Latest Posts today. It's here - - should you wish to look back at it.

Game Week 6 starts tomorrow evening & the weekend's schedule looks like this -

Fri 17th - 1 evening match, kick-off 8:00
Sat 18th - 6 matches, 1st kick-off 12:30
Sun 19th - 3 matches, 1st kick-off 2:00

Helpful sites -

The second link can be useful near to, or on, Game Days, though final updates can be infuriatingly late.

You can set your Captains for all upcoming match days in advance or choose them daily before the first kick-off.

As usual, I'll post more reminders & schedules during the coming month.

Stay safe & well, all :-)


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Nice one L.I.K. I will post our league again this season just a little too early.

Arky quietly snickers looking at the table :-)
Question Author
Morning all - first reminder of the info in the OP for this Game Week ^^
Nice one L.I.K, It's a tough one for me this weekend (Sunday is a givver ;-) but blimey tonight and tomorrow's ¿¿¿¿ ... job done though.
Question Author
Bump - one match this evening, kick-off 8:00.
All organised - I hope, good luck all x
Just transferred Jack Harrison into one of my teams to replace a suspension..........then hear there's a rumour Harrison won't be playing:-((
Question Author
Last bump from me for this evening's match at 8:00...

^That happens to me a lot, Ken :-(

Just a little nudge from me, todays first match is at 12:30 if you haven't pre selected your Captains etc...
L-I-K, i went back in and transferred him out, replacing him with Raphina and making him my captain. He scored the Leeds goal :-)
Well that is a good call Ken... one question though... who the smeg are Leeds ;-)
A team that scabbed a draw against us in the dying seconds of our recent match, Arky, after we'd played them off the park.
It was a good call, but i've wasted a transfer. And, having made the error of using too many transfers too early last season, i was hoping to save many of them for the back end of this season :-(
Lol, I cant stand Leeds Fc. I know what you're saying though about transfers being used up too early I did the same last season myself, I pick them and wow suddenly injured.
Question Author
Morning all - reminder that today's first kick-off is at 12:30

^^ I'm the same with transfers :-(
Question Author
Last call for setting today's Captains if you've not already done them...
Question Author
Morning all - reminder that today's first kick-off is at 2:00
Question Author
Last bump - first kick-off 2:00
Question Author
Morning all - Game Week 7 starts tomorrow & the weekend's schedule looks like this -

Sat 25th - 7 matches, 1st kick-off 12:30
Sun 26th - 2 matches, 1st kick-off 2:00
Mon 27th - 1 evening match, kick-off 8:00
Question Author
Bump for the info above ^

I hope everyone has a good weekend :-)
Hi all, just a reminder if you haven't done so. Plenty of time to select your Captains and tweak your teams should you need to.

Good luck everyone except Mr AV. ;-)
Question Author
Morning all - reminder that today's first kick-off is at 12:30

Ta Arky :-)

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