Ab Fantasy Football Final League Table 2020/21

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Arksided | 12:33 Tue 25th May 2021 | Football
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Congratulations to Robs Robbers 2 on storming the league this season, my teams didn't do too bad considering the stiff competition 7th and 11th, less waffle here's how we all finished.

AnswerBank Fantasy Football final League table 2020/21:

1. Robs Robbers 2... 2957
2. Broccoli Frogs... 2849
3. Two Metres Apart... 2836
4. Chickentikkamosala... 2788
5. Robs Robbers 1... 2741
6. Lockdown My Rrrs... 2710
7. Hugo Mugget! ...2651
8. Lie-in Too... 2620
9. Fits Rove Here... 2596
10. Lie-in United... 2567
11. Trident Dribblers... 2532
12. North London Bottlers... 2512
13. nochance... 2458
14. BuddysBoys... 2456
15. Whatateam... 2405
16. Mozz County... 2334
17. Saintee... 2320
18. Carrot 'n Booze North... 2278
19. CARROT 'n' BOOZE SOUTH... 2148
20. Cheshire Miners... 1975
21. Gnomes... 1769
22. Poor Boys... 1738
23. Ford rovers... 1732
24. the trotters... 1722
25. Mam City... 1711
26. Lynnement 11... 1539

There we have it for what has being a bizarre season for us all, well done to everyone taking part hope you had fun and that you'll all be back on August 14th for 2021/22 Season.

Thanks to Lie-in King for setting it up and keeping us all updated on game times etc... Nice one fella.


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Hi Arky & ta for this!

Congratulations to Robs Robbers 2, well-played :-)

All things considered, I'm happy with 8th & 10th - onwards & upwards, top 5 next season...

Question Author
Hi L.I.K no problem, the wheels well fell off the Dribblers but I did know that Ole' would rest that many on Sunday, even if those Muppets hadn't entered OT and fluffed up the fixtures for my key players ;-)

I only had four players left on the pitch in the end due to injuries as well... no defence what-so-ever for the last four/five game and no transfers left. All good fun though I'll sure to be back in August.
Thanks Arky and L-I-K for all your efforts this season. It's been an interesting one, and one in which many a side's home form has suffered due to lack of the proverbial '12th man'. Like the Mighty Clarets, both my sides escaped relegation (i know there isn't one) and finished together in the table.
Already looking forward to next season's challenge when i will be hoping to improve on my performance. Which, given my final placings, oughtn't be too difficult :-)
That's a weight off my shoulders, you lot are heavy.

Always fun and we live to play again.

Well done all. x
Question Author
That's the spirit you two, the more the merrier I think we had 42 teams a while back. I have noticed a few long time players that haven't played in this one hopefully they'll be back.

Ken, I'm not a betting man but I may have a punt on an English club winning on Saturday ;-)
I'm backing one that usually plays in blue, Arky :-))
Question Author
Good call :-))
Think your lot massively underperformed last night! Had a fiver on Moreno FGS @ boosted odds of 11/2 but even when he scored, i felt United would step up the pace - i also had BTTS & a United win:-( They often appeared clueless as to how to break down Villareal's defence. I know they were only beaten on pens - and what a shoot-out! - but it should never have got that far. Sure you'll agree.
Question Author
No excuses mate it shouldn't have, It was obvious to me that Fernandes was going to be man marked constantly from the KO so after the equalizer I agree with Dwight Yorke (TalkSport this morning) He should've gone old school 4-4-2 wipping in crosses from both sides.

I was disappointed with most except Cavani, McTominay and Shaw, as for the shoot out Under Uefa its never gone that far, you have no idea how tense I were.

A step closer for Ole... I'd still give him another season and not a kneejerk reaction. (Some fans calling for)

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Ab Fantasy Football Final League Table 2020/21

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