Fantasy Football Continued...

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Lie-in King | 12:11 Thu 29th Apr 2021 | Football
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Hello everyone - this will be our final thread for this season. The previous one is here -

Game Week 34 starts tomorrow evening & the schedule *as it stands* looks like this -

Fri 30th - 1 match, kick-off 8:00
Sat 1st - 4 matches, 1st kick-off 12:30
Sun 2nd - 3 matches, 1st kick-off 2:00
Mon 3rd - 2 matches, 1st kick-off 6:00

The sites to use for checking injuries & suspensions are -

The info in those sites isn't definitive & can change right up to the start of a match.

Don't forget that you can set your Captains for all upcoming match days *in one Game Week* in advance or choose them daily before the first kick-off.

More reminders to come as usual.

I hope everyone has a good weekend coming up - stay safe & well, all :-)


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Bump - 1st kick-off this evening is at 6:00
Blimey throughout the season mainly I have had team 'A' 6/7th team 'B' 11/12th. So poor for team A the past couple of weeks they've swapped places, still a good chance of finally having two teams in the top ten...just gotta hope I topple that fella in tenth.

Good luck everyone with the final games for everyone, hope you get what you want real and fantasy.

Except the person in tenth ;-)
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Hmmm... "that fella" had an abysmal Game Week, especially from last night's matches. On the season's form, I'll be happy with one top 10 place.

Reminders over the weekend & good luck to all on Sunday :-)

Except the Dribbler in 11th ;-)
Ha-ha, Trident is on the crest of the badge Dribblers refers to Becks.
I have secretly wanted The Blues to win Champs league for a while best you're getting ;-)
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Afternoon all - first reminder that the last 10 matches of the season all kick-off at 4:00 tomorrow.
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Morning all - first reminder of the day to say that all matches kick-off at 4:00. Last chance to have a shuffle of the teams if you've any transfers left. I have none. Sigh.

So, that's our lot until August 14th, when the 2021/22 season gets under way. I hope everyone has enjoyed this very peculiar season - some of the scheduling led to...interesting results at times, I think.

Stay safe & well, all :-)
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Another bump for the 4:00 deadline.

It's certainly been an interesting season one way or another. x
Won't alter my position in the league much, but managed to fill all 11 positions with Burnley players for the last match of the season:-))
Nice one Ken.
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Last call for today - you can change Captains by clicking the "Feed" button on your "pitch view" & then "Edit Captains".
Well done everyone Congratulations to Robs Robbers 2 on winning the AnswerBank FF league... Here is the final Table:

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Fantasy Football Continued...

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