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I think Lampard may well have been expecting it, Margo, given that Chelski have sacked much better managers than he. Abramovich wanted instant results on their £220m transfer spend.
And who us Tuchel?? Will he make Chelsea great again?!
Question Author
Thought he may have got a reprieve after beating my local team in the cup yesterday:-)
And who us Tuchel?? Will he make Chelsea great again?!

Of course he will, he was Trump's minister for sports.
Who knows, Sharon? If he doesn't, he will also be given the boot, with a hefty wad of cash to ease his damaged ego. No doubt Lampard will be back in work, sooner rather than later.
The decision was more than likely made before yesterday's match, Margo.
A great shame IMO. A poor spell of results (down to the players, as is usually the case in any team) shouldn't have ended with a club legend being sacked. With more patience (for once) from Abramovich, those new signings - I believe - would've gelled under his leadership.

Tuchel is not renowned for "playing nicely" with his employers. We'll have to see, but I'd lay money I can't afford on him *not* becoming the club's longest-standing manager.
I was just about to post a link to FF where I asked you about it L.I.K.... (Foot of page.)
Perhaps Lampard took a top job a tad too soon in his managerial career? He may have been much better off with another season or two at Derby County. I realise just how tempting the Chelsea job was to him but, often, if something appears too good to be true.................
It looks like Mr Abramovich's famous impatience has struck again

As advised, it may be that Mr Lampard was enticed, understandably, above his experience level, but will not be surprised at the result.

Mr Abramovich may eventually realise that all clubs have peaks and troughs - Man U were in the same position a few months ago - but sacking managers will not provide the cohesion and stability that beings long term success.
Christine must be so upset!

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