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Lie-in King | 12:18 Thu 17th Dec 2020 | Football
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Hi everyone - this is our latest thread, as the previous one will stop showing in Latest Posts tomorrow. It's here should you want to refer to it -

There are still 2 matches in Game Week 14 to be played today (Thursday 17th)

As it stands, the schedule for Game Week 15 is -

Sat 19th - 4 matches, 1st kick-off 12:30
Sun 20th - 4 matches, 1st kick-off 12:00
Mon 21st - 2 matches, 1st kick-off 5:30

The sites to use for checking injuries & suspensions are -

The info in those sites isn't definitive & can change right up to the start of a match.

Don't forget that you can set your Captains for all upcoming match days in advance or choose them daily before the first kick-off.

As always, I'll post more reminders & further schedules during the coming month.

I'll take this opportunity to wish everyone the best Christmas they can have - stay safe & well, all :-)


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Merry Christmas Lie-in King and everyone, if nothing else at least we should be able to enjoy the hectic Football schedule.
Question Author
Reminder that this evening's 1st kick-off is at 6:00

Cheers Arky & agreed :-)
Wishing everyone lots of goals and season's cheer too x
Question Author
Morning all - a reminder that today's 1st kick-off is at 12:30.
Question Author
Morning all - sorry, reminder a bit late - 1st kick-off today is 12:00
Question Author
Hi all - a reminder that there are 2 matches this evening & the 1st kick-off is at 5:30
Question Author
Last shout for today's 1st kick-off at 5:30
All ready, they've had a mince pie as a treat.
Question Author
You're too good to them, what with those liniment rubs as well ;-)
Com'on Mamya you can do it, I've been following your battle with the AB Gnomes.
I know, I carry the weight of the league on my shoulders, I'm a martyr to it.
Its a bit wobbly up here in fifth, I'm really not used to it.
I'd get vertigo up there.
I have it :-)
Question Author
♫Arky & Ole sitting in a tree,
One's at 5 and one's at 3♫ ;-)
With Jiménez out injured, a shame that nobody decent is playing this evening ;-)
AnswerBank Latest Fantasy Football League Table 22.12.20:
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Hi all - Saturday is the start of Game Week 16 & the - extended - schedule looks like this -

Sat 26th - 6 matches, 1st kick-off 12:30
Sun 27th - 4 matches, 1st kick-off 12:00
Mon 28th - 3 matches, 1st kick-off 3:00
Tue 29th - 5 matches, 1st kick-off 6:00
Wed 30th - 2 matches, 1st kick-off 6:00

I'll remind you that you can set your Captains for all upcoming match days in advance or choose them daily before the first kick-off. Use the links in the OP to check for injuries etc.

I'll post daily reminders over the Game Week, which I hope is a good one for you all. Not as good as it is for me, obviously ;-)
Question Author
Happy Christmas, everyone!

I'll probably forget later on, so this is an early reminder of the next schedule which kicks-off at 12:30 tomorrow - more info in my post above ^.
Happy Christmas, done transfers and Captains - good luck all x

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