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Lie-in King | 12:42 Tue 20th Oct 2020 | Football
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Hi everyone - this is our new thread, as the last one will stop showing in Latest Posts on Thursday, but it's here - - if you want it.

Game Week 7 is coming up & the schedule is -

Fri 23rd - 1 match, kick-off 8:00
Sat 24th - 4 matches, 1st kick-off 12:30
Sun 25th - 3 matches, 1st kick-off 2:00
Mon 26th - 2 matches, 1st kick-off 5:30

In case anyone missed it, Virgil Van Dijk was injured, requires knee surgery & won't play again in the near future, possibly for the rest of the season. If you have him selected as a player, get him transferred out.

I'll post more reminders & further schedules as usual during the coming month.

Keep having fun & stay well, all :-)


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Sorry, I forgot the usual blurb -

The sites to use for checking injuries & suspensions are -

The info in those sites isn't definitive & can change right up to the start of a match.
Nice one fella, subscribed for Friday's KO.
Question Author
Hi everyone - bump for tonight's 8:00 kick-off & the info in the OP ^^^
Thanks for the reminder.x
Well damn. I only just realised you can have a captain for each match day. I wonder how many points that's cost me!
Question Author
Oh Mozz! I'm sorry & sure I've posted that info somewhere this season? Sincere apologies if I didn't, though.

You're right, one for each team per match day, picked daily before 1st kick-off or all at once for the Game Week if you'd rather. Of course, you can go back in each match day to alter your previous pick if you want to.
No worries L-IK, it's my fault for not reading the rules properly. All sorted now. :-)
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Probably last call for this evening's match, kicking-off at 8:00.

Mozz - well done & ta :-)
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Morning all - a reminder that today's 1st kick-off is at 12:30.

Please take note of any ! marks on your pitch, especially the red ones.
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Afternoon all - reminder that today's first kick-off is at 2:00
Question Author
Probably last call for today's deadline of 2:00 for Captain changes etc
Wahoo! Both teams in the top ten (6th & 10th) I don't expect it to last too long so enjoying it whilst they're there :-)
Question Author
Hi Arky - well played :-)

I must apologise to all for the lack of a reminder about yesterday's matches - I wasn't feeling great, was juggling too many things at once & I simply forgot (didn't even pick my own Captains) :-(
Hi L.i.K, I like your tactics mate ;-)

Seriously I'm sure you're easily forgiven, multitasking is a challange for most blokes at the best of times, hope you're feeling better and get well soon.
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Afternoon all - the coming weekend brings us into Game Week 8 & the schedule is -

Fri 30th - 1 evening match, kick-off 8:00
Sat 31st - 3 matches, 1st kick-off 12:30
Sun 1st Nov - 6 matches, first kick-off 12:00

Please check the 1st answer in this thread for the sites to use when checking injuries/suspensions & don't forget that you can set your Captains for all 3 days in advance or choose them daily before the first kick-off.

I hope everyone has the best weekend they can & that all stay safe & well :-)
Been in and done a tidy round, a lack of Captains for Friday and one transfer needed.

Good luck everyone, x
Tidy round you say, we can tell, you seem to have picked up a cobweb and a friend.
Amazing what you find in there, mucky pups.
... keep an eye out, you might find a footballer ;-)
Fingers crossed x

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