Ab Fantasy Football Early League Table 05.10.20.

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Arksided | 12:08 Mon 05th Oct 2020 | Football
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Hi all, Very early to post the league but with the International break upon us and the 'Overhaul' period now active (See Lie-in kings thread if unsure what it is, link at foot of page) I thought I'd post how we've all kicked-off in the opening weeks.

AnswerBank Fantasy Football League table 05.10.20:

1. Broccoli Frogs... 381
2. Robs Robbers 2... 351
3. Lockdown My Rrrs... 338
4. Two Metres Apart... 333
5. Chickentikkamosala... 328
6. Robs Robbers 1... 319
7. Lie-in United... 310
8. BuddysBoys... 307
9. Fits Rove Here... 292
10. North London Bottlers... 283
11. Hugo Mugget! ...264
12. Lie-in Too... 259
13. Poor Boys... 251
14. Trident Dribblers... 248
15. Whatateam... 240
16. Saintee... 233
17. nochance... 233
18. Cheshire Miners... 231
19. CARROT 'n' BOOZE SOUTH... 224
20. Carrot 'n Booze North... 219
21. Ford rovers... 188
22. the trotters... 179
23. Mozz County... 172
24. Mam City... 152
25. Gnomes... 118
26. Lynnement 11... 51

Too early to panic but I for one will be doing a few tweaks whilst the 'Overhaul' period is active.

Lie-in Kings: Info, Updates, waffle and banter thread:


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My second team is massively outperforming my first team. I was a little surprised and annoyed that Son miraculously recovered from his injury two weeks early, after I replaced him. Thanks for that José.
Question Author
This whole weekend has being a complete mystery to me, more especially to my teams, think I'll point to the ball, point to the goal and explain what they're supposed to do.
Cheers for the Table, Arky :-)

Agreed, the weekend was a strange one - one of my Captains was dropped pre-match, having been Man of the Match previously & in good form as far as I could tell.

My teams will definitely see a shake-up during Overhaul, but I'll leave it until nearer the 17th to make the changes.

Heigh-ho, onwards & upwards :-)
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Hi Lie-in King, that's the best way as we don't know what's going to happen in the Internationals regarding Covid and injuries.
Me and the Gnomes are doing a great supporting role and I hope we are appreciated for that at least.

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You're doing a fantastic job Mamya stay with it, it makes some of us look like we know what we're doing.
I have my uses.
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You do ;-)

Watch it!

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Ab Fantasy Football Early League Table 05.10.20.

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