Answerbank Fantasy Football League Table 10/12/19.

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Arksided | 14:15 Tue 10th Dec 2019 | Football
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Hi all, the last league table has disappeared so here's how we're all looking before we enter into the hectic Christmas and New year Schedule:

1. St Helens Town FFC... 1284
2. St Helens Reserves... 1256
3. Maidov Ale... 1237
4. Dupli City... 1214
5. Diver City... 1212
6. Chickentikkamosala... 1155
7. Broccoli Frogs... 1130
8. Carrot 'n' Boozer... 1114
9. Lie-in United... 1107
10. Robs Robbers 1... 1089
11. Robs Robbers 2... 1076
12. Trident Dribblers... 1075
13. JayRod's Back... 1061
14. Mighty WBA... 1031
15. Ryanbenchloe... 1025
16. LUCKY2... 1004
17. Buddys Boys... 998
18. Hugo Mugget! ...986
19. Mam City... 983
20. ANYTHING GOES... 922
21. Lie-in Too... 909
22. AB Towers... 883
23. Half-Time Meds... 851
24. Allsoranz... 837
25. PotLuckKillers... 732
27. Lucky 11... 728
28. Rowanston City... 707
29. Lolas 11... 661

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas (not so much your teams though ;-) and a Happy New Year... same as posted in brackets.

Last Months League table:

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Ta for that, Arky :-)
Question Author
A pleasure... tough time coming up, as so many players will be rested over the festive period. I'm still creeping toward top ten :-/
Sorry, I’m not interested in football - fantasy or otherwise - but I was intrigued by an article in The Telegraph which said that a chess player’s tactical mind helped him with his choices and got him near the top of the leaderboard.
Just wondering, are you FF players good at chess too?
I'm not much good at either, as evidenced by my league positions.
Question Author
I'm an average (maybe slightly above) player at Chess record being fourteen consecutive wins against good opposition. However my league positions (12 & 18) doesn't echo that feat at all.
I'm a fair chess player. My problem with FF is the real-life managers not putting the right players out ;-)

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Answerbank Fantasy Football League Table 10/12/19.

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