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-Talbot- | 21:56 Tue 07th May 2019 | Football
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Congratulations Liverpool... we'll deserved.

What a game.
Oh now you've gone and spoilt it!!!
You spelled football right ;-)
Question Author
Had to use my phone, mamya... the lappy crashed due to the tension
Wish I'd watched it now
Ecky thump, let you off.
Question Author
I can only have spoiled anything for an idiot, Sharon.

This team doesn't deserve to end the season empty-handed.
cor blimey. Absolutely wonderful; Chuffed to bits for Liverpool.

Mr Alba said ''now all we need is for Spurs to do the same tomorrow night''

Seeing the joy of the 'pool fans was pure enjoyment!
I honestly feel sick
ric.ror, as a Man United supporter, even I have to give a slight nod toward them... I have such distaste of that poxy club and their fans in particular. But it were a good comeback.
If you’d have made a bet on that result you’d have probably won a fortune!
I like to think I'm not a petty person, but in Barca's case, I can easily make an exception.

It was hilarious watching Suarez claiming off-side for a couple of Liverpool's goals. Pot and kettle.

From what I saw of the match last week, the ref was on Barca's side.

I've heard it said that Liverpool fans think they are the best fans in the world, but some of them don't behave nicely, as do fans of other clubs.

I don't support any club, but living on this little island, I'm glad a British club is in one final :D
Completely agree with you.
I'm not a betting man smow... so need someone Ken to let us know aboot the odds on that scoreline.

As an addition, I do love a lot of L'pool fans... a lot are family and good friends.... but they tend to fluff me off at times ;-)
The odds were 50-1 apparently...
Question Author
Liverpool were 18/1 to qualify. The eldest lad had £20 on it.

Alba, Suarez was an absolute disgrace with his diving.
I meant to win by that score
And well done on your sons bet!

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