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aelmpvw | 11:33 Thu 02nd May 2019 | Football
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every now and then something magical happens in a football match ...


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I'm actually a bit surprised that wasn't saved.
He's a bit good, isn't he?

Well done to Jurgen for applauding him. Good sportmanship there.
You have a point spath....BUT.....right in the top corner.....some free kick.
Yes it was 30 yards out but only an international or world class goalkeeper "might" have saved it.
Spath, you must be joking.
Gordon Banks would have saved it. :-)
Not joking at all. Even i know that the corners are preferable. The goal keeper went for the right corner also, but didn't actually get into the corner, he was a bit short.

Yes a professional free kicker.. But he's also a professional goal keeper and paid a lot.
Would have been save of the century to stop that.
Klopp did say beforehand Liverpool would “suffer” and he was right.
The man’s a genius :-)
What impresses me, is the curve he got on the ball. The accuracy, speed, etc.. etc.. doesn't impress me one bit.
Spath, watch the view from behind the goal. the keeper had no chance of reaching it.The ball was in the very corner so would have been 8ft from the ground.
I can get 8 ft? Easily achievable with a stretched arm and a slight jump.

Just my opinion.. Yes, good goal, but poor keeper work.
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i can only assume spath had put his wages on barca winning 2-0 ...
spath...I wouldn't call it "poor goalkeeper work" but may call it..."questionable."
Spath, I'll ring the England manager and let him know that you should be playing for England.I don't doubt that you could reach up to 8ft with a leap, but not for a position four yards from the ball.
That's fair Sqad

Danny, i never said I would be better, but for 100K a week i will bloody try.
It amuses me that so many spectators know that they have the skills to outdo the professional players on the pitch. :-)
Spath //i will bloody try.//
As did the goalkeeper.
"As did the goalkeeper."

Just in my opinion, he could have done better. All that training, experience, money etc.. He can't safe a 30ft corner shot. But i mean, it was a blooming good goal, so fair play to him.

Remember when that England keeper rob green, wearing green, let an absolute sitter in after it bounced of his hands? Woi.

whoops just had a sneaky look at the clip at work not realising that the sound was on.....
//I'm actually a bit surprised that wasn't saved//

I’m not, and I was a goalie....
I would have saved it :)

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