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Lie-in King | 11:49 Fri 05th Apr 2019 | Football
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Hi everyone! This is our latest thread, the last one is here -

With the FA Cup semi-finals being played, the schedule for this weekend (Game Week 35) is a bit "short" & looks like this -

Fri 5th - 1 evening match, kick-off 8:00
Sat 6th - 3 matches, 1st kick-off 3:00
Sun 7th - 1 match, kick-off 2:05
Mon 8th - 1 evening match, kick-off 8:00

I'll keep the schedules & reminders coming & continue to hope that you're all enjoying yourselves - have a great weekend & be well, all :-))

Players win games, but managers give you the impotence to go and do it
Lee Fowler


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Nice one L.I.K... it's good to know that someone is paying attention ;-)

Don't mention Wolves... plz :-)
Question Author
Bless - shhh... ;-)

Bump for those getting home, one match this evening - Southampton v Liverpool - sort Captains if you need to.
Question Author
Bump for today's matches -

Bournemouth v Burnley
Huddersfield v Leicester
Newcastle v Crystal Palace
Question Author
Last reminder today - around 45 mins until kick-off...
Question Author
My apologies, I completely forgot a reminder of today's match - I hope no-one missed changing Captains :-(
You're quite easily forgiven L.I.K, best way is to not let on ;-)
Question Author
Ta Arky, though I should have remembered.
To be honest I forgot myself, with it been a FA cup weekend,
I always change my captains en masse, then check on the day to see if they are to line up.

Many silly quotes have been used but mine involves a remark i heard on the terraces, years back. A guy named Paul Fletcher was our number 9 and he was a Marmite character. 2 Burnley fans stood just in front of me began arguing after one had hurled a bit of abuse toward Fletcher. The argument ended up in a brief scuffle, before friends of the pair separated them. Then i overheard the one lower down the terrace say to his friend, "I'd have had him but i can't fight uphill." :-)
Question Author
As football fans we do tend to get passionate, but I am ashamed of some United supporters with their behaviour.
Question Author
Reminder of this evening's match - Chelsea v West Ham - should you wish to change Captains...
Job done having checked the starting line-ups.
Question Author
Hi everyone - the next round of matches are spread out again, the schedule for Game Week 36 looks like this -

Fri 12th - 1 evening match, kick-off 8:00
Sat 13th - 6 matches, first kick-off 12:30
Sun 14th - 2 matches, first kick-off 2:05
Mon 15th - 1 evening match, kick-off 8:00
Tue 16th - 1 evening match, kick-off 7:45

I'll post daily reminders as usual. Have a good weekend & be well, all :-)
Question Author
Reminder of this evening's match - Leicester v Newcastle, 8:00 - if you need to make any changes.
Well tonight's game for captain changes was easy ;-) I am going to start using transfers even unnecessary for different game days as we're nearing the end... I've nothing to lose looking at my league positions.
Question Author
Morning all - a bump to remind that today's first kick-off is at 12:30, so get your changes made...
Question Author
Hi - a reminder that there are 2 matches today -

Crystal Palace v Man City
Liverpool v Chelsea

First kick-off 2:05 - get those Captains sorted.
Good luck today L.I.K... :-) I'm backing your motley crew.
Question Author
Hi everyone - a reminder of this evening's match - Watford v Arsenal - at 8:00...

^Oh, cheers Arky, that explains it! ;-(

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