Answerbank Fantasy Football League Table 17/01/19.

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Arksided | 15:19 Thu 17th Jan 2019 | Football
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Hi all, well quite a disappointing hectic Christmas and New year schedule for my teams, hope your teams have fared better. Without further ado here's how we're all looking...

AnswerBank Fantasy Football League Table 17/01/19:

1. Freudyenoord... 1506
2. Kneel Jung XI... 1479
3. Nut Nut's Nut... 1451
4. Robs Robbers 1st XI... 1438
5. PottersBarred... 1411
6. Wordsley Baggies FC... 1387
7. Lie-in Too... 1355
8. Drawnablank... 1328
9. Half-Time Meds... 1311
10. Lie-in United... 1292
11. MightyWBA... 1287
12. Trident Dribblers... 1270
13. Hugo Mugget! ...1252
15. Buddy's Boys... 1212
16. Anything goes... 1204
17. Fokwitz... 1195
18. AB Towers... 1122
19. lLitherland utd... 1089
20. Mam City... 1033
21. Bring yer boots... 1019
22. Carrot And Booze... 1005
23. Ford rovers... 983
24. Voltys boys... 839
25. Strong Berrys... 797
26. Steam Mops Utd... 778
27. I'm Not Athletic... 694
28... Spathys Brute... 578

...and there we have it folks going into 2019, hope your still having fun. That's the trouble with my teams too much fun and not enough graft.

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Thanks Arky, one bunch vainly clinging on to the top ten and the others are slip sliding away - action needed methinks.
Question Author
Hi Mamya I think I'd be better playing Subbuteo with my players and probably get a better response.
It sure feels like that at times, that's when they haven't stubbed a toe or something equally drastic.
Question Author
...exactly or tripped on a blade of grass rendering them injured for a few weeks.
Ta for this Arky - I'm also disappointed with my teams & am forced into changes before the weekend...
Question Author
Happy to post it Lie-in King. Your teams look fine to me at this rate the heady heights of seventh seems a total myth to me. I'm in competition with oneself my A team actually overtaking team B.
I have just spent a while looking back at points and Captain choices and work out that I could be 28 and 22 points better off with my teams over the last 8 games. Not good enough. Bookings are now piling up as well as injuries. Time to act, or hold my nerve?
Question Author
Hi Togo, looking back over the season so far I could be way up there running away with the league if I'd chose the correct players from the kick-off ;-)
Bahaha…… :))

Jumpers for goalposts. Kerbs for sidelines. (^_*)

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Answerbank Fantasy Football League Table 17/01/19.

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