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Lie-in King | 12:30 Wed 16th Jan 2019 | Football
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Hi everyone - this is the next continuation thread, the last one is here -

I hope the New Year has been good for you all so far?

Don't forget that while their respective national sides are still in the Asian Cup, a few players aren't available, the ones I can think of are - Heung-Min Son (Spurs); Aaron Mooy (Huddersfield); Mat Ryan (Brighton).

Anyone with Harry Kane in a team might want to transfer him out for now as (according to reports) he's sidelined with an ankle injury until March.

Keep on having fun & be well, all :-))

We've got complete harmonium in the dressing room
Joe Smith


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I think I have a skiffle band in my dressing room - keep on keeping on eh?
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Hi Mamya - it's all those washboard abs that've got in your head ;-)
Nice one Lie-in King... subscribed. I've heard that as well about Harry Kane, he is the head poncho of my B-team which speaks volumes.

I'll post our latest AB league tomorrow so everyone can see how badly my teams are doing ;-)
AnswerBank Fantasy Football League table 17.01.19:

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Afternoon all - here's this weekend's schedule (Game Week 24) -

Saturday - 8 matches, 1st kick-off 12:30
Sunday - 2 matches, 1st kick-off 1:30

Please check your teams for injured/suspended/unavailable players that need to be transferred out & get those Captains picked.
Mini bump.

All done and dusted, I just hope my players dust off those cob-webs some are clearly carrying.
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Bump for today's matches - 1st kick-off 1:30 - change Captains if needed.
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Hi everyone - a heads-up just in case you weren't aware that there are no Premier League matches this weekend.

Game Week 25 is covered by matches on Tuesday & Wednesday next week & I'll post again on Monday with a reminder.

Have a good weekend & be well, all :-)
I do believe there is a FA cup tie been played this evening... I can't think who's playing though ;-) Live on the Beeb... wow!

Two old rivalries for the league title in yesteryear I'm lead to believe.
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When those two meet is the *only* time you'll hear "Come on the Gunners" from me, though I have a feeling the other mob'll want to keep Ole's streak going...

I do hope it's a properly good Cup match though ;-)
I knew you were a closet gooner. you soft southern ***s stick together like glue... bring it on ;-)

I'm hoping for a good game as well mate, I hope United are wearing a decent away strip... 'come on you pinks' has no ring to it.
I did wonder who were third in wins, you've a ways to go yet mate.
Arsenal. 13
Manchester United. 12
Chelsea. 8
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"I knew you were a closet gooner..."

How very dare you!

I dislike them only a smidge less than I dislike your mob & oh, right? By the way? Who's counting? Whaeveeeer... Meh. ;-)
You know I jest mate... imagine how I feel about wanting Man City to win the League... gosh the lesser of two evils. I know far too many Liverpool fans to be able to bear it!
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I know :-)

Given that Chelsea can't do it, I'd like to see Liverpool win it, but I'll cheer City over Utd & Arsenal every day - sorry, but I have a picture of Arky in the pub with his Liverpals enduring a terrible ribbing. Aww, bless his little cotton socks ;-))
You're mean and have a Darkside don't cha'.

Good gawd when littlepool won their fifth eurpeancup... jeeps believe me shoving that in ones face... we all love a little banter but if they're not crying their eyes out, they like to shove it in your mush.

No need to bless my little cotton socks... the pale blues will win it not the fairies 'cross the Mersey.
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Lol :-))
There's obviously no stretchers at the Emerates... if that'd being a United player he'd have being dragged off anyway possible.
Goodnight you gooner closets.. :-)
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First bump of the day - the schedule for Game Week 25 is -

Today (Tuesday) - 6 evening matches, 1st kick-off 7:45
Tomorrow (Wednesday) - 4 evening matches, 1st kick-off 7:45

Keep an eye out for injuries keeping players sidelined & get those Captains picked.

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