Dear Mr Klopp 'you Can't Win Anything With Kids'

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Arksided | 21:26 Tue 08th Jan 2019 | Football
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I can understand Liverpool resting players... but seriously 'It was the wind' so it calmed down whenever Wolves were on the ball.


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'It was the wind ' may have been a reference to the effects of the Beans they had for lunch!
When your focus is on doing well in the premiership and getting into the lucrative European competition to which it leads, the FA cup is just a distraction and an opportunity for your best players to get needlessly injured.
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Lol indeed. Although a quote from a former liverpool player in my title ;-) It still could be the only trophy Mr Klopp might've won this season... I don't believe he's won anything at Liverpool.
Klopp has an unfortunate record in "The Cup". Never been past the 4th round. Shame. :)) We get Wolves next when we slide past the Shrews. New manager on the horizon as well. Anyone but "popeye" Moyes please. Big Sam would be a nice fit. Disgraced former England Manager Joins Stoke has a nice feel to it. We need an upsetter.
Wolves are peeing me off ;-)
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With United drawn away to Arsenal... should be fun under Ole Gunnar... but never going to be the humdingers of the past but collectively do hold the trophy in high esteem.... even though United were forced to pull out (as cup holders in 2000) that still irks me.
//Wolves are peeing me off ;-) //

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I'm saying nowt... on that one.
Haha Arks. AV is a proper team man and can wait for decades, if necessary, to raise a finger or two.
If necessary, Togo.
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Lol calm down gents... Op was about Klopp blaming the the wind. Are you not watching the Moose cup semi...

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Dear Mr Klopp 'you Can't Win Anything With Kids'

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