Half For The Bookies, Half For Me

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Ken4155 | 12:24 Sat 15th Dec 2018 | Football
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Leicester, Newcastle, Watford, Derby, Leeds, Middlesbrough, Norwich, Charlton, Doncaster, Sunderland, Exeter, Lincoln and Northampton.

All to win either half. £5 @ just over 339/1 = £1,697 return.

And wouldn't now be a good time for the bet to finally 'hit'? :-))


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Never mind you are helping to pay for the 265 MILLION pounds the lady who owns Bet365 "earned" last year.

That is just what she earned THIS year, she also earned over 200 million pounds last year.

So many gullible gamblers.
Hope you win, ken. We can all go for a pint. (cept guilbert. ;))
well I admire your optimism ken! Good Luck.
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Guilbert, you are a complete door handle. A spoon. A twonk. My bet is with Willy Hill, not 365. Get a freakin' life, you dullard.
how'd it go ken?
A listener to Off The Ball on BBC Radio SCotland contacted them re his £1 bet on all games in the top Scottish division today finishing in a draw.

He scored the best part of £300
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TTT; Most did, some didn't. Not good enough. C'est la vie :-/
Douglas; Wish i had £300 for every £1 spent :-))
A punter betting with Bet Fred put £100 in his account and he got down to £ 3 and his luck changed and he ended up winning £1.7 million. He was congratulated by the bookmakers on his win only to be told later there was a malfunction with their computer and they have offered him £60,000 as compensation, I think there is now going to be a court case

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Half For The Bookies, Half For Me

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