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Lie-in King | 01:35 Wed 28th Nov 2018 | Football
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Hi everyone! My sincere apologies, I completely forgot to post this continuation thread when the last one stopped showing in Latest Posts yesterday. That one is here -

Keep an eye on your Captain changes & for injuries/suspensions over the coming Game Week 17, as there are a double set of matches between Friday 30th Nov & Wednesday 5th Dec -

Fri 30th Nov - 1 evening match, kick-off 8:00
Sat 1st Dec - 6 matches, 1st kick-off 3:00
Sun 2nd Dec - 3 matches, 1st kick-off 12:00
Tue 4th Dec - 4 evening matches, 1st kick-off 7:45
Wed 5th Dec - 6 evening matches, 1st kick-off 7:45

Game Week 18 then starts on Saturday 8th Dec.

I'm still waiting for both my midfield line-ups to start playing properly instead of earning me appearance points only & I think a couple of transfers might be in order after a fairly dismal showing last weekend.

I hope everyone's having fun - be well :-))

I have a number of alternatives and each one gives me something different
Glenn Hoddle


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Burning the midnight oil here LiK. Subscribed. Same here with midfielders, but my defences have been performing well. A busy time coming up next week. Captains can be set for each day but it still needs an eye on the injuries or suspension developments methinks.

"Gambling is a gamble" Martin Keown.
Ahh, simply forgot, no problem I thought you were timing it for the renewal during Christmas week... either that or had slept in ;-)

Don't have me started on my midfielder's I think they all went for a nap during match days even before the no show at all a few weeks back.

If you don't believe you can win, there is no point in getting out of bed at the end of the day.
Neville Southall
Question Author
Bump - a reminder that Cardiff v Wolves is at 8:00 this evening, so if you have any players from those teams, they might as well be your Captain for the day :-)
If you have any players those teams, You don't know what you're doing do ya ;-)

...I have one of 'em.
Question Author do I...
*in either of those...
Question Author
Afternoon all - a reminder of this evening's matches should Captains need changing or injuries attending to. I'll bump again nearer kick-off & with another 6 matches tomorrow, I'll do another nudge for those then.
Hi L.i.K... be sure to give José Mourinho a nudge as well... and remind him that it is Manchester United.
Question Author
Nah, he's doing fine as he is ;-)
That charismatic fella died in Madrid bless him. I bet you were so pleased to see the back of him on his return to Chelsea. I really did think he'd make a proper go of it at United and I'd be able to stomach him if we were playing decent football but losing but he's just making a mockery... I've tolerated him enough.
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Last bump from me today - kick-off is 7:45...
If anyone should happen to bump into L.I.K. let him know I'm keeping an eye on him ;-)
Question Author
Today's bump for this evening's matches - kick-off 7:45 - should those Captains need sorting out...
Question Author
^^Oops missed that, Arky! I need looking-out for sometimes :-)
Question Author
Last nudge from me - one hour until kick-off...
Sorted, ta.
Hi all a few Changes may be needed and Captains sorted here's our Game week Fixtures:

Sat 8th December all 3:00pm K.O's except where stated
B'mouth V L'pool 12:30
W Ham V C Palace
Arsenal V Huddersfield
Cardiff V Southampton
Man Utd V Fulham
Burnley V Brighton & Hove Albion
Chelsea V Man City 5:30pm
Leicester V Spurs 7:45pm

Sun 9th December
Newcastle V Wolves 4:00pm

Mon 10th December
Everton V Watford 8:00pm

Good Luck everyone.
Question Author
Ta Arky, you beat me to it - glad I refreshed the screen first :-)
No problem... I was looking at my own pityful teams and wondered if you'd posted an update.
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