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Arksided | 14:44 Mon 08th Oct 2018 | Football
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Hi everyone, I was going to wait until ten games in before posting our next league but since it's International break time again I simply thought Balls to it. Being in 9th and 13th is actually pretty good for me this early in the season. There have being a few changes since the last one as you know having scrolled down first before reading this ;-) Hope you're all fine and well and having fun and without further ado:

AB FF League 08.10.18:

1. Kneel Jung XI... 610
2. Nut Nut's Nut... 581
3. Freudyenoord... 562
4. Robs Robbers 1st XI... 560
5. PottersBarred... 539
6. MightyWBA... 513
7. Drawnablank... 503
8. Wordsley Baggies FC... 486
9. Trident Dribblers... 468
10. Anything goes... 455
12. Fokwitz... 438
13. Hugo Mugget! ...430
14. Half-Time Meds... 427
15. Lie-in Too... 411
16. AB Towers... 408
17. Lie-in United... 408
18. Mam City... 392
19. Buddy's Boys... 391
20. Bring yer boots... 388
21. Carrot And Booze... 368
22. lLitherland utd... 357
23. Ford rovers... 353
24. Steam Mops Utd... 291
25. I'm Not Athletic... 262
26. Voltys boys... 237
27. Strong Berrys... 224
28. Spathys Brute... 205

As I said they have been a few changes in positions but still unbelievably early as some are late starters mentioning no names like Kings of lion ;-)
Hope you've done well everyone and do not suffer in the internationals with Injuries, sincerely as we may have the same players... good luck.

Direct link to Lie-in Kings'... AB Fantasy Football waffle thread:


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I'm holding down my position well.
The computer is scoring higher than my own decisions..
As it's me debut season I'm happy to be muddling along really, hopefully will improve.

Ta Arky x
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Lol... Maybe you let your avatar have a go ;-) I don't what it is but do like it... I am a Sci-Fi geek.
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*opps I don't know what it is... Spaths' alien avatar...
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Your're doing really well Mamya for a debutant... come' on you're Steven Gerrard aren't you.
Ta for the table, Arky :-)

I could be happier - this weekend, only 2 of my players in double figures & one of them's a goalie...

As to "late starters" & "waffle" -

I think the league table is a pretty good barometer of how you are doing
Kevin Keegan

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I've kept really quiet, but I'll tell you something, he went down in my estimation when he said that - we have not resorted to that. But I'll tell ya - you can tell him now if you're watching it - we're still fighting for this title, and he's got to go to Middlesbrough (Who?) and get something, and... and I tell you honestly, I will love it if we beat them, love it!


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