Answerbank Fantasy Football League Table 03/09/18

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Arksided | 15:25 Mon 03rd Sep 2018 | Football
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Hello everyone, It may seem very early days to post the league but with the International break and European transfer window now closed it seems a good time. More importantly is the 'Overhaul period' which has now started and will end on 15th September at 12:30's KO. Which means you can make as many transfers as you want during this time and it will not deduct from your season transfers... effectively meaning you can change your whole team if you so wish.

Without further ado here's how we all Kicked-off.

1. Kneel Jung XI... 346
2. Freudyenoord... 322
3. PottersBarred... 315
4. Nut Nut's Nut... 292
5. MightyWBA... 269
6. Trident Dribblers... 262
7. Drawnablank... 261
8. Wordsley Baggies FC... 242
9. Fokwitz... 233
10. Robs Robbers 1st XI... 231
12. Bring yer boots... 216
13. Anything goes... 205
14. lLitherland utd... 205
15. Half-Time Meds... 204
16. Hugo Mugget! ...199
17. Lie-in United... 199
18. Lie-in Too... 195
19. Mam City... 185
20. Buddy's Boys...179
21. Carrot And Booze...177
22. Steam Mops Utd...176
23. AB Towers... 173
24. I'm Not Athletic... 161
25. Ford rovers...149
26. Spathys Brute...114
27. Voltys boys...106
28. Strong Berrys... 70

There we have it, don't panic just yet but recommend taking advantage of the 'Overhaul Period' have fun.

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Cheers for this, Arky - I'm not looking at my teams until the 12th/13th to give everyone a chance to settle, return, recover etc.

Changes will be made though. Oh yes. Slackers & ne'er-do-wells beware.

Well done to all above me, "nyah nyah" to those below ;-))
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Lol... the top two are Togo's teams... I'm happy with 6th and 16th after the poor opening weekend.

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Answerbank Fantasy Football League Table 03/09/18

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