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Lie-in King | 14:38 Fri 12th Jan 2018 | Football
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Hi all - this is our latest thread (to get in before the new Game Week starts), replacing this one which will not show in LP after Sunday -

The last month felt very disjointed, what with the crowded seasonal fixture list & the FA Cup to boot. I confess to having forgotten to make needed changes a couple of times but my eye is now firmly back on the ball. I just hope my choices mean pointses, my precious...

I'll wait until the morning to make my decisions as I've a couple of orange "doubtful" marks at the moment & they mightn't be there tomorrow...

This weekend's matches are split - Sat 7 : Sun 2 : Mon 1 - with first kick-off tomorrow at 3:00.

Be well & have fun :-)

Mark Hughes crossed every I and dotted every T
Robbie Savage


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Hi L.I.K, I know what you mean as stated in my last post, always difficult to go on-line and check for injuries and team selections over Christmas/New Year. I have a couple of doubtful's as well this weekend and will check on Saturday.
I don't have to worry about the real Transfer window by the look of things. we have to wait until 17/2/18 before we have our second free overhaul week.

The keeper was unsighted, he still didn't see it.
Big Ron.
Morning FFers. I did look in yesterday LiK and saw your new thread. Thank you once again. Am I glad that Christmas is over, lost focus and messed up Capito choices costing me big points again. Every time I chose one, he either had a stinker or got hauled off, only for the dropped Capito to have a blinder. I thought is was a hoodoo, but it seems that, in one case at least, it was in fact Voodoo. Well done to Rob's Robbers(gritted teeth), experience came into it's own and I learned a lesson.

"We have this mentality of going into every game just thinking about the next game" - Shane Long.
Cheers Arks. Reply is on your league table thread. :))
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Cheers for the table Arky...

Well, that was a strange weekend! Two teams poles apart points-wise - 54 & 121 - so one dropped a position & one advanced a position.

Looking at the matches, I've a feeling this weekend might be better, as long as I can get Captain choices right for once!

You get bunches of players like you do bananas, though that is a bad comparison
Kevin Keegan
Happy to post it L.I.K.
Hoping for a bit of better luck this weekend.
Just a reminder that Saturdays K.O. between Brighton and Chelsea is at 12:30 there's no Friday night game.

The underdogs will start favourites for this match
Anthony Hudson
FA Cup weekend again so no games at the weekend however the League continues on Tues with three games:

7:45pm West Ham v Crystal Palace
7:45pm Swansea v Arsenal
8:00pm Huddersfield v Liverpool

...and the rest play on Wednesday
Hoping that my players stay on the pitch and avoid injury and any suspension potential.

[i] Julian *** is everywhere.
It's like they've got eleven *** on the field. [i]
Metro Radio Football.
jeez * Julian D-I-C-K-S former footballer.
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Lol & cheers Arky, you beat me to posting the info :-)

Daft totals for my 2 teams last weekend - 103 & 53. Would be nice if the players honoured with Captaincies actually performed as such. Heigh-ho, on we go...

We're at the top of the cliff and we can either fall off the edge or keep climbing
Gary Neville
Hi LIK, I managed a few points and climbed upto sixth... (and tenth) but 'why o' why' when being a Man United supporter actually believed that Littlepool would give Swansea (No disrespect) a good thrashing and brought in two of their players. Wise decisions seem to be avoiding me at the moment.

The beauty of Cup football is that Jack
always has a chance of beating Goliath

Terry Butcher
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Bump - reminder of details in Arky's post @ 14:05 on Friday ^^^^

If you don't believe you can win, there is no point in getting out of bed at the end of the day
Neville Southall
Hiya LIK, I'd be lying if I don't want L'pool to win tonight (New experience for me) , I have a few of their players in my FF team. It was a good result this weekend in the cup, still chortling.

I'd like to play for an Italian club, like Barcelona
Mark Draper
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Hi Arky - just been in to remove one injured player & put in - Gods help me - an Arsenal player...

That is in the past, and the past has no future
David Pleat

Hi FFers, it goes from bad to wors. Every "move" seems to have the opposite effect. Ahh well. Time to start concentrating again I think. Have had a look back at what I was once doing right and have hopefully made the necessary adjustments. Got LiK breathing down my neck and Arks blind siding me and Mighty WBA gave me a big boing as well. Sick of these blank weekends and fragmented fixture lists, and notice that the recent additions to the Prem. are showing in the players available lists.

"The proverbial is hitting the flan at the moment"
Alvin Martin
Hiya Togo, it really is difficult to predict who is fielded for certain clubs, they are scousers though and simply forgiven ;-)
Oy you Arks.....I saw that reference on the chatterbank chat up thread and wondered ......whaatt thee. :)) (^_*)

Back to the serious stuff.
Hiya Togo I are heterosexual, but a boy like you can turn ones head Xx
I'm coming to find you...
We are playing a straight back four here Arks.... Lone strikers are discouraged with a few vicious hits if they are foolish enough to venture forward. ;))
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Hi everyone! Well, the last set of matches were a washout for me - both teams only managed 64 points. Once again, my Captain choices proved to be hopeless.

Anyhoo, the first match of tomorrow's 7 is @ 12:30, Sunday sees 2 matches & Monday has the last of this Game Week.

I'll be checking team sheets in the morning & hopefully picking the right names for the Captains...

Keep on having fun & be well :-)

The moral of the story is not to listen to those who tell you not to play the violin but stick to the tambourine
Jose Mourinho
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