Answerbank Fantasy Football League Table 2-9-17.

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Arksided | 12:16 Sat 02nd Sep 2017 | Football
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Hi everyone although very early in the league it made sense to wait until the actual transfer window had closed and we've entered the Overhaul week for our teams.

From Sky rules:
[i] During these periods, you will be able to make an unlimited amount of transfers but must remain within the budget of £100 million. These transfers will not come out of your 40-player transfer limit.
The first Overhaul period will be for the whole of game week 4 and up until the first kick off of game week 5. [i]

Just to clarify we're currently in week four no games obviously week five Kicks off Saturday 9 September 12:30pm Man City V Liverpool.

The League:
1. Robs Robbers 2nd XI... 234
2. Robs Robbers... 233
3. Wordsley Baggies... 197
4. North United... 186
5. Trident Dribblers... 180
6. Answer Removed... 178
7. BatshuayiLikeIt... 174
8. benchloeryan... 167
9. X-RAY RESERVES... 162
10. X-RAY ROVERS... 159
11. Lie-in Too... 158
12. HiHoSilvaLining... 156
13. bonnies rovers... 151
14. Winsome AFC... 151
15. MightyWBA... 143
16. Hugo Mugget! ...142
17. Poor Boys... 138
18. clydes crusaders... 137
19. Mostyn... 135
20. Carrot 'n' Booze... 132
21. Lie-in United... 131
22. ryanchloeben... 128
23. Hacketts Juniors... 115
24. Bottal... 105
25. Clover... 79

Good luck everyone, but not too much ;-)


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Ta for this, Arky :-)

Transfers were interesting, I'll be having a good look at the teams in the week...

I've never wanted to leave. I'm here for the rest of my life, and
hopefully after that as well

Alan Shearer
Question Author
No problem :-)
Did see this on the first day you posted Arks. Ta for your efforts. Didn't reply or post back because the table speaks for itself I suppose. Am having a look at the footie gossip sites and pondering this weekends games.
Question Author
Thats OK Togo, I expect a few just had a look, besides L.I.K's Sticky threads are better for the banter and general chat, I'll usually just post the league but thought I'd explain why I posted it when I did.
I don't think I'm taking this seriously enough.
I wouldn't have had a clue without this thread (I think some of the players didn't even play in the last games)

Must try harder.
Question Author
Ahh, remnents of my School reports there Talbot.
Did you have the nickname Elsie, Arky?

Lacks Concentration
Question Author
Lol funny enough there was a lad in our class who's nickname was Elsie... I never knew what it meant.

Mine would've being something like 'Stop bunking off you lazy git'

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