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Lie-in King | 10:54 Mon 10th Jul 2017 | Football
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Hi everyone! Yes, it's back! With 32 days until kick-off, I've taken the liberty of restarting our very own Answerbank League.

Hopefully all the regulars will enter a couple of teams & let's hope that a few more fancy having a go this season. Don't worry if you know *nothing* about football but still want to give it a try - you can use the option to have a team selected at random. The facility to enter a 3rd team in January will also be available.

As last year, we're given £100m to spend & have unlimited transfers until the Match Day deadline on Saturday 12th August, then you get 5 per week / 40 for the season. This season, there's a new "Overhaul" feature, which means that for one week in September & one week in February, *unlimited* transfers will be available, *not* coming out of the 40 per season allowance! I like that idea & think it could prove very interesting indeed!

Anyhoo, enough blather from me, all the details are on the site here -

- I'd suggest using the "Help" tab, then the "How To Play" tab.

When you've picked a team (or two) - yourself, or used automatic selection, name your team(s), then join the League - ours is called "AnswerBank" & the PIN you need to enter is -


You can then change the visibility of your team(s) between "Public" & "Private", depending on whether you want other Managers to be able to see the details. A note here - just because I'm called the League "Chairman" doesn't mean I'm given special powers. I can't see "Private" teams & I get no other privileges.

The following links can be useful (though as they point out, not necessarily definitive) to check for injuries and suspensions prior to game days -

This can be useful near to, or on, Game Days -

Ok, I think that's covered everything needed to get the League going & I wish everyone lots of fun & good luck for the forthcoming season! :-))

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Stuart Pearce


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Hi LiK. I got the Sky Email, but responded on my yesterday's prompt. Count me in. I have now subscribed to your sticky so I am up to speed on developments. Not yet picked teams and intend to take time out to read up on the new regs. and the "overhaul" option.

"It's not always plain sailing , especially when you're flying" - Brendan Rodgers.
Question Author
Hi Togo - indeed, my 2 teams were auto-selections to get the League started. Much thought & toing & froing to come methinks...

I'm not going to post a quote every time this season, else we're in danger of repetition early doors (I hate that phrase, but trying to stay on-topic lol). As it is, the oldies-but-goodies will be recycled anyway :-)
Nice one Lie-in King, Of course I'll be there seems a bit early to be selecting my many changes before KO, there already being some surprising transfers. Last season I put too much faith in Rooney being fielded.

Thad'd been a good goal if it went in
Talksport commentators say it all the time.
Hi Lie-in King
Great - thanks for entering the 2017 - 18 seasons contest.
The new additional transfers seems a good idea, I think the lack of transfers at times caused a loss of many points.
Last season my number 2 team ended up higher than the number 1
team so I must try to reverse that situation this season
Well they do coincide with the 'real' transfer window-ish which makes more sense than when the real ones are. I also like the fact you can preselect 3 Captain changes for the game week think I dropped a fair few double points not always being able to change them.
Good option Arks, problem is if a pre-selected Captain gets injured or is out of the starting line up you either miss out or you have got to change it pretty smartish on match day.
There's also different points system eg, a defender doesn't lose a point until he concedes two goals as he's lost the bonus for the first goal but every goal after the first two loses a point.

Welcome Clover, I see your in the AB league.

Nice one Lie- in King,teams picked look forward to kickoff.
Good to see you back on board Clyde.
Doh! only just got Bonnie and Clyde, clever.
Picked my teams and renamed them. Not yet entered the AB league as I am awaiting a bit of info from Sky regards account details. Watch out for HiHoSilvaLining and BatshuayiLikeIt. Haha Haha.
27 days togo ;-) and nine teams in... already.
I'll be entering a couple of teams again but i am waiting for the last minute transfer deals. Top teams seem to be spending a tad more than usual, this year.
Hi Ken, I've left my provisional teams on public view for the time been for that very reason.
Thanks for that Arksided,hope to try and do better than last time
You and me both my friend, I had neither team in the top ten. I think it's the worst showing I've had playing FF... still good fun though and back for more.
Welcome on board to benchloeryan and ryanchloeben one of our frontrunners. Two great looking teams you have their... sorry I can't remember your AB user name.
Teams entered:Poor Boys and North United
Question Author
Hi kawakiri - welcome to you & to the others above! Time marches on, I'll have to start giving some thought to actually picking the teams soon :-)
Some interesting transfers gone through this week Lie In, and more to come by the looks of things. Like the look of Zouma to Stoke on expensive loan from Chelski. But a good player if his knee is now better.

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