£500M Messi?

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bibblebub | 09:36 Fri 09th Jan 2015 | Football
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This story might be part of the January transfer guff, but a total cost of £500m for one player, even if it that player is Messi, is surely too much.


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Its almost like a bluff that nobody can afford to call.
"You want him........ £500m"
Didn't we say this about Trevor Francis?
It is relative to the way the game has gone.
Torres went for £50m Liverpool - Chelsea 5 years ago, but has the market accelerated that fast in 5 years that the best player in the world in now worth ten times that!? It cant be a serious valuation, its a bluff and if Chelsea call it I would be in disbelief
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Just looked it up and had long forgotten that the Trevor Francis transfer doubled the previous record.
seems a lot but lots of things a included in that valuation, like shirt sales, image rights, sponsorship etc
The transfer fee of £200million is too much in itself.
The Messi of 2-3 years ago would certainly have been worth £100 million, but he is not the player that he my opinion.

We have seen the best of Messi.
I used to play golf with Johnnie Downey who played for Man play for.U when the maximum wage was £20 pw and as he put it 'players used to play mainly for the love of the game not for how much money they could make.
Going a touch of subject there are players who earn £50k per week to sit on the bench every week. Relatively speaking maybe the best player I the world is worth this!
non sense, period.

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£500M Messi?

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