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penelope2 | 17:09 Thu 18th Dec 2014 | Football
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Any Pompey fans on here????


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no. what have they done now?
Have you got a spare ticket?
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Do you know what Talbot you'd be lucky to get a ticket for a home match. Regularly exceed 14000 and always the highest attendance in League 1 and 2.

That is almost as expensive as seeing Arsenal.
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Talbot ^^LOL
Being exiled from my beloved Norwich into the Pompey area, I do reluctantly "support" them, but I've only been to Fratton Park once for a football match - it's such a tip.

While Pompey have spent the last 25 years procrastinating about rebuilding/relocating, Norwich have steadily rebuilt in stages without interrupting the League Programme. Good old Delia, lets be 'avin you.

P.S. Norwich also maintained full gates when they dropped into League 1 a few years ago.
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Hi Canary42, you could always have supported 'that other lot' 18 miles up the M27.
On the subject of the football club, I've supported them for about 60 years; at junior school the sports master did, I believe, play for them - his name if memory serves me correctly was Churn ... anyone got one of those PlayFair annuals for the early 50s to maybe verify? I live in Cape Town these days, and there's at least three other supporters in my neck of the woods ... Pompey rules, Ok!
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Just visited Pompey's new training facility, awesome!!!
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Linotype: Have searched the Pompey archives and cant find any ex-player named Churn. Yep; Pompey Rules OK ! Onwards and Upwards.

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