Crimes On Football Field.

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brionon | 10:54 Sat 28th Jun 2014 | Football
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Why can you Punch or Bite without being arrested ? If you kill someone will that also result in a ban and nothing more ?


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Reckon the person should be charged with assault at least, and banned from playing professional sport ever again.
i'm pretty sure you can be arrested for a deliberate assault on the field
Duncan Ferguson was jailed for headbutting whilst at Rangers
Dunno, many a time I've seen they steal a few yards.
That's a very good point. Alan Shearer famously kicked Neil Lennon in the head and got away with no prosecution. Imagine if he'd done this in Newcastle town centre at 1 am.

Now just what have you done there AB?

here's Shearer

The other one is the outrageous foul on Brian O'Driscoll in 2005. Those two thugs should have got jail time.

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Crimes On Football Field.

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