Let's All Laugh At Arsenal......

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ELVIS68 | 21:47 Tue 11th Mar 2014 | Football
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Once again they've outstayed their welcome in the champions league and been well and truly beaten and now they've only got the FA Cup to win.

Or according to most Arsenal fans they've already won it

Will an FA cup win really save Wengers arse from the sack or will they just settle for another top four finish and watch the money come rolling in yet again?


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Arsenal are jolly.

Their stadium is a copy of ours.

Except theirs is in the arse end of grotsville, instead of in the jolly Sussex countryside.
Did your mummy not teach you that laughing at people is rude?
Why laugh at Arsenal? Cannot see the point to your post and criticism and bad wording of the Manager.
I think Elvis68 has a wicked sense of humour ;)
Definition of wicked?

Like a picnic basket.

Or a hamper.

Or garden furniture.
Oh yeah, or mischievous.
Thought it meant like a candle - dim
Just watched the Ian Wright documentary that followed the match.
Very emotional stuff.
Shame on you Elvis, MrAsk is an avid fan of Arsenal, they play (by my reckoning) every bl***d6 night, and they are the best thing since sliced bread. It gets on ones wick.
a d6 night? do the Ars feature in Dungeons and Dragons?
askyourgran > every bl***d6 night, <

i think after tonights result they will not have to play in europe for the rest of the season
Elvis! You and I are going to fall out!
I'm a Man City fan. I share your pain. Look on the bright side - you haven't got Demichelis.
It amused me to read before the game that Arsene Wenger claiming the Bayern Munich team could contrive to get his players sent off by conning the referee. I was under the impression that conning the referee was part of the game these days.

"The Arsenal manager demanded a ‘fair chance’ from Norwegian referee Svein Oddvar Moen after claiming Arjen Robben went down too easily in a collision with Wojciech Szczesny, who was sent off as Bayern won the first leg 2-0 at the Emirates".

As much as i'd like to laugh at them, it's not easy when United are trailing 2-0 to a 'lesser team' than Bayern Munich.

according to most Arsenal fans they've already won it Now that is funny, anything can happen in football as we all know. Ask any Man City fan.

When it comes to Wenger keeping his job well Goonies seem pretty fickle about that one. Maybe the board at Arsenal are waiting until he wins some silverware then sack him, a bit like Chelsea do.

I am not an Arsenal supporter, but I have to ask Elvis how far has your team got in the Champions League?

And JJ your stadium looks like someone dropped a pile of Meccano and left it and yes I have been, to the first game ever played there.

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Let's All Laugh At Arsenal......

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