Glasgow Rangers going into administration

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bibblebub | 18:02 Mon 13th Feb 2012 | Football
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A 10 point deduction would all but hand the SPL title to Celtic.

If they survive, can Rangers still be one of the dominant forces in Scotland or will a loss of star players mean that Celtic have a stranglehold on the league up there for the foreseeable future?


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It might just see a resurgence of other teams.

Auchtermuchty Albion wouldn't even survive 90 mintes of play :)
For all the English here - it was a Scot from Busby who introduced football to Brazil and I'll bet most of you couldn't find it on a map - Brazil, I mean.
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most people can't pronounce that name without producing a shower of spittal
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or spittle as it is otherwise known
Leave Alan Brazil out of it :D
Money has ruined the game..too many divas with too big egos and far too big salary cheques !!!
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nothing to do with dodgy businessmen hoping to make a quick buck?
Bye bye!!
Spittal (of Glenshee) is in Perthshire - nowhere near Brazil (or Busby for that matter).
bibbs...I include the owner/managers in the diva bracket !!
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divas and divers... that covers just about everyone involved
Im with you all the way tinkerbell
Rangers should have got Harry Redknapp to give them some tax advice.
I know that my question is probably posted elsewhere on AB but here goes:

I don't understand football but always thought that it was a good money maker. How can the club owe millions to HMRC? If they do owe tax money who didn't they just pay it like we have to?
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I am led to believe that HMRC have over 30 clubs in their sights and Rangers are pretty much seen as a test case as they prepare to get their money, or as much of it as possible, back from all of these clubs. Two are big name Premier League clubs.

Time for fans of other clubs to be afraid too.

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Glasgow Rangers going into administration

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