73 Supporters Dead

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4getmenot | 22:50 Wed 01st Feb 2012 | Football
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thats just so far, and they are still fighting. What makes fans act like this.


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Not to trivalise what has happened here recently or condone the incidents, doesn't that Egyptian story put some perspective on UK soccer issues - what an appalling situation..
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yes it does. What morons, surly they have families there supporting teams too and children.
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nothing to do with it being a big money business:-

In 1885, after Preston North End beat Aston Villa 5-0 in a friendly match, the two teams were pelted with stones; attacked with sticks, punched, kicked and spat at. One Preston player was beaten so severely that he lost consciousness. Press reports of the time described the fans as "howling roughs". The following year, Preston fans fought Queen's Park fans in a railway station; the first alleged instance of football hooliganism away from a match. In 1905, several Preston fans were tried for hooliganism, including a "drunk and disorderly" 70 year old woman, following their match against Blackburn Rovers.

In 1964 more than 300 football fans died and another 500 were injured in Lima (Perú) in a riot during an Olympic qualifying match between Argentina and Perú on 24 May

both from http://en.wikipedia.o...iganism#South_America
i haven't seen the number of dead today but at 74 (the number late last night), it would be the sixtg worse.....the "award" going to Peru, and guess who, no less than Argentina, in a World Cup qualifier in 1964. 310 killed and over 500 major injuries. The cause: the ref denying a blatant penalty to Peru in the last minutes, a goal that would have made it 2-2. Every window in the stadium was smashed and, like the Egyptian scenario, it spilled out onto the street, and even the President was barricaded, the protestors wanting the match annulled.
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I've been going to watch football since 1970 when I was 4 years old and have never hit anybody at a game.
I very rarely see any trouble at all these days,apart from when we play Wolves, local thugs used to turn up for a fight without even going to the match.

Just this weekend when we "played" Swansea City I was,along with other Albion fans in the same bar as Swansea fans and we were all drinking, talking and having a laugh together.....We even walked to the ground in one big group.
Don't tar all us football supporters with the same brush 99.9% of us watch the game then just go home.
Idiots are idiots 7 days a week not just when a football game is on.
The trouble in Egypt runs much deeper than it being a case of rival "fans" clashing, as will no doubt come to light if they bother having an enquiry.

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73 Supporters Dead

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