Vincent Kompany's red card yesterday

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joeluke | 20:25 Mon 09th Jan 2012 | Football
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......perfectly good tackle IMO, years ago it wouldn't have even been given as a foul.......Nani took the cowards way out anyway and jibbed by jumping out out the way, whatever happened to two players going in hard for a 50/50 ball?

Football's gradually becoming a non-contact sport


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I'm not sure it was even a tackle- more of a well-timed interception
A tackle can be deemed reckless even if no contact takes place. He could have ruined Nani's carreer. With players earning the money they do you would think they would have enough 'skill' to make a tackle which doesnt end in a broken ankle or sending off.
It wasnt a red card as there was no malisciousness.....yellow perhaps.
And Man Utd have a problem at the back - nearly brought back to 3-3 by a team with 10 men.....tut.
Hard to call it a yellow , never mind a red !
Should have been a pink card for Nani!
I've been a referee but I sometimes found it very difficult to make decisions. For example Kompany's red card offence seemed no worse than a two footed one one by Giggs on Aguero; and what would the ref have done if Wellbeck's high foot, after his excellent volleyed goal, had followed through and hit De Jong in the face. I have seen few overhead kicks goas (eg Rooney last seasoon, Ballotelli this season) where you could argue it was reckless because the players had both feet off the ground and didn't know whether there were other players' heads in the way.
I must admit though, although my first thought was that Kompany had made a great interception, as soon as the ref blew the whistle a few seconds later I expected the red card.
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I don't think he'd have blown for it if Rooney hadn't made an issue of it... We need a campaign to bring back real football
We cannot view Kompanys challenge,using the benefit of Replays..

In real time,the ref saw Kompany make a two-footed lunge..although it was low,and well-timed..the ref had already decided to blow his whistle.Their was no complaint from Nani,and Kompany won the ball..The tipping point was Rooney,gesturing showing a Card,reminding the ref of the rules...then the Ref had a "rush of blood"..Shame,it was the only bad thing,in an otherwise Terrific F.A.Cup tie.
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And Man Utd have a problem at the back - nearly brought back to 3-3 by a team with 10 men.....tut <<

united won the cup at wembly with ten men would that have been tut tut
he knows nowt about Football..

he just pops up with some inane comment

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Vincent Kompany's red card yesterday

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