Wayne Rooney. Vindictiveness and hypocricy.

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10ClarionSt | 18:15 Thu 07th Apr 2011 | Football
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The treatment of Wayne Rooney over the incident at Upton Park is absolutely outrageous. We've heard all the sanctimonious hypocrites in the media. All the "holier than thou" ex professionals who are prepared to condemn Rooney when they were just as bad when they were playing. You see worse than this every week on the pitch with players hurling insults at each other in full view of the cameras. And who made him a so-called "role model"? What a load of cobblers. And what about the vindictive F.A.? They thought they should have done something the other week on reflection, but this opportunity comes along so we'll give him a two match ban. Oh by the way, Wayne, can you play for England in the next game? It's scandalous. I'd sue the tw4ts if I was Rooney. all of 'em. Talk about victimised. You won't see a more blatant example than this.


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You a Man U supporter?
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I have just posted an answer on this person

Instead of the lowest common denominator approach viz everyone else does it so why pick on him, it would be nice to hope that this is the start of a real crackdown on bad language, bad behaviour and lack of respect of officials.
All folk associated with Man Utd have a bolt lose.

Clarion's rant adequately demonstrates the proof of what I say.
Do you think they will now start to ban the likes of Sir Alex, Dalgleish Harry Rednap etc and other players.

Mr Mancini at the council stadium is safe he shouts in Italian and nobody understands a word he says
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I support Man U..................
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It is the fans who will suffer the most then the club can you imagine going to see The Kinks with no Ray Davies.
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Alan Ball used to be terrible, and don't even mention Billy Bremner. They didn't need a TV camera in their face to say it how it was
10 Clarion I;m going to be a Nan again btw <<<<<<<<<<<
No. 10 is perfectly correct. There is no reason to single out Rooney. Huge numbers of people connected with the so-called “beautiful game” (ha ha ha) behave atrociously. This includes managers, players, coaches, and spectators. No other sport is so riddled with cheats, badly behaved participants and loutish followers.

In no other business would staff on £10m pa and upwards behave in this way whilst representing their employer and if they did they would be shown the door very quickly. In no other sport do the participants abuse, intimidate and hassle officials in the manner that footballers and their managers seem to think is their god-given right. Again, if they did they would swiftly feel effective sanctions. Followers of no other sport behave in the childish, petulant and sometimes downright aggressive way that football spectators often do.

The so-called guardians of the game are pathetic and have allowed their game to degenerate into the state it is now in, where players bully referees, their managers actively support them in such behaviour (and in many cases are worse than they are) and little if anything is done about it. Apart from the FA’s ban (big deal) the local police should have charged Rooney with a Section 5 Public Order offence. That is what would have happened had he been outside a pub (which is probably a more appropriate place for him).

Football is a tedious game with an unusually high preponderance of cheats amongst its overpaid participants. It should be played only behind closed doors. It should be restricted to TV audiences (but not shown in pubs or other public places).
What about Liam Gallagher and his brother, they are always effing and blinding to the cameras, even on the news!

Nothing happens to them.
Who is Liam Gallagher? What team does he play for? Does his brother play for the same team?
Just for you New Judge

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Wayne Rooney. Vindictiveness and hypocricy.

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