Wayne Rooney. Vindictiveness and hypocricy.

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10ClarionSt | 18:15 Thu 07th Apr 2011 | Football
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The treatment of Wayne Rooney over the incident at Upton Park is absolutely outrageous. We've heard all the sanctimonious hypocrites in the media. All the "holier than thou" ex professionals who are prepared to condemn Rooney when they were just as bad when they were playing. You see worse than this every week on the pitch with players hurling insults at each other in full view of the cameras. And who made him a so-called "role model"? What a load of cobblers. And what about the vindictive F.A.? They thought they should have done something the other week on reflection, but this opportunity comes along so we'll give him a two match ban. Oh by the way, Wayne, can you play for England in the next game? It's scandalous. I'd sue the tw4ts if I was Rooney. all of 'em. Talk about victimised. You won't see a more blatant example than this.


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Yes and when that happens they turn the crowd noise down, not the same as in the lens of the camera

And Leeds fans are not exactly role models are they?
Lets hope this is the start of something good and not just the FA picking on Man U. If they took a stand and punished all players for bad language, diving, play acting, harassing the officials or brandashing imaginary cards then maybe we could get ninety minutes of what we pay our money for, a decent match between two teams who want to play for the club not the money.
Craft, thankyou. Yes I am entitled to an opinion. Not particularly anti-Rooney. Anti over paid, big headed, rude people who think that they have a right to say or do anything they want. Rooney needed Ryan Giggs' pass to score that goal.
Wayne Rooney needs to grow up. Pusillanimous comes to mond. Perhaps if he did he might become a great footballer rather than a petulant celebrity.
The FA have now to be seen to carry on the 'good work'................
ELVIS - what a crock! - one has to ask why the cameras were on the touchline - and why all the broadcasters were blatant in their footage. The broadcasters could have taken it no further, and who would have been the wiser? But no, it makes money, and they label Rooney as a 'role model'. Rooney has never said he was a role model, and if parents let their kids watch him, that says more about them than it does about Rooney.
DaisyNonna you do not go to footbal grounds so you watch your football on tv is Rooney the only person you have seen use the F word. Have you never heard the crowd singing songs on MOTD.

>>Not particularly anti-Rooney<< Can you name any other player that has used the F word on telly
Swearing in public is against the law if someone cares to take offence. If necessary the police canbe called (if there are any available). Unfortunately for this country swearing has become so common that it is now taken for granted and no-one cares enough to take offence. The FA obviously know this and have taken action accordingly, thus mollyfying those of us who do not like to hear such language especially when children are about. I know they learn it from their contemporaries and also sometimes from their parents, but nevertheless why exacerbate the subject by allowing their so-called heros and role models use bad language where everyone can hear and so copy it.
Unfortunately by making such a mountain out of a molehill the press and FA have now got to carry on and treat everyone the same. It will be good for the youth teams as they will get alot of coverage when the whole of the first and second squads have got match bans........
Harpy - log on to BBC website - sport - football - and you will see Fergie, Redknapp and countless others swearing in INTERVIEWS! Never mind the players!
Goodnight Harpy. Carry on enjoying the cursing.
I am laughing at The-HouseHusband the bad language can be worse at youth games
You keep your blinkers on DaisyNonna
well if laughing at me gets rid of the cheats and idiots from football who gives a SH*T HARPY
Oh Daisy - bless yer heart
smart1..sorry but players have run up to cameras plenty of times to celebrate..Steven Gerard springs to mind, he run up and kissed the lens

Rooney is a role model, what is Wayne Rooneys Street Striker all about then?

Oh yeh he judges kids on their football skills, unless I missed the episode where he judges them on their foul mouthed goal celebrations

Also, why do firms pay him millions to endorse their goods..oh yeh.. he`s a role model

And why have Coca Cola now dropped him from their ads... because he`s a sh!t role model

Watch this space for more firms to drop him once his lucrative contract expires
Elvis if the FA are going to clean up football will they also start to look after ther fans.

What about someone chucking human excrement at visting supporters should the FA close down that section of the ground for say 6 months to teach the fans a lesson

Would you say 6 months or do you think longer what are your thoughts on yobs who do this.
Wonder which Daisy thinks is worse her son coming home saying
Mum what does the F word mean
Mum how do you get human sh1te out of your clothes
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Wayne Rooney. Vindictiveness and hypocricy.

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