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Canary42 | 12:04 Tue 11th May 2021 | Boxing
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[steps back for the plethora of "character-forming" excuses for this barbaric practice]


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No big deal.......busted cheek bones, other sports have their problems.
My concern with boxing is brain damage, short and long term effects.
You can get badly hurt or killed in lots of sports. OK in boxing one deliberately sets out to hurt the other but they are both consenting & it's been a way for some to earn a living (or get rich) when they otherwise might have struggled to do so.
You won't get them from me!!! I agree, it's barbaric. So do the men in my life, thank goodness.
Getting rich by battering people. Great idea - not!!!

And yes, you can get hurt in other sports. But the intent in the other sports is not to knock someone out.
It is barbaric.
sorry i enjoy it by and large, no i don't want them to get hurt but as
others have said many sports where someone gets hurt, rugby for example.
If they want to do it who are we to stop them. There's big money to be made and if they don't have other talents then why not start training and see if you can make the grade?
Nothing nice about it as it's 1 to 1 punching. I can't see how it could be compared to competitive sports.
its not meant to be nice, that would be sports like tennis, but i have grown up with watching boxing at the local town hall, amateur juniors with headgear on admittedly, whilst that doesn't apply to the big matches we see today. I like the Olympics in part for its boxing at which we have often done well.
I didn't really have a view about boxing until in the 80s a friend of mine gave me a ticket to a boxing tournament with a ringside seat. I thought it was brutal and as for the crowd baying and screaming...... I don't think I've watched it since.
// No big deal.......busted cheek bones,//

christ I would have thought a blow hard enough to blow out an eye socket might be associated with brayne damage

but perhaps neurosurgical matters pass over Sqad's head ! haw haw haw
I cannot subscribe to the idea that we allow people to hurt each other for fun and money simply because they consent to it.

Sometimes people have to be saved from themselves.

There are people who drink themselves incapable and then drive cars, it doesn't mean we let them because they want to and they can.

It's not civilised to let people hurt each other for the entertainment of strangers, it wasn't in ancient Rome, and it's not now.
Oh it's the boxing debate! Right oh!
why the sarcastic right oh?
where else would you like to see a boxing debate if not in the boxing section?
I'm not critical of the section. It's just the usual dance we have when boxing is discussed. Just a series of stock tooing and froing.

//////christ I would have thought a blow hard enough to blow out an eye socket might be associated with brayne damage////

Then your thoughts are incorrect.
The eye socket is solid bone and protects the brain from injury. The "blow out" is caused by an ongoing air wave rapidly increasing the pressure in the eye socket.
A squash ball fits nicely into the dimensions of the eye socket and hence such injuries are not uncommon in the game of squash.

When I read the question I thought it was another thread on the labour party.
Comparing boxing with ancient Roman gladiatorial combat is ludicrous. Gladiators were forced to fight to the death(or be killed anyway).
The sport with the most injuries is Basketball, then soccer, lets ban those first eh?.
While boxing may not be everyone's cup of tea, it remains one of the most popular sports worldwide.

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