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sir.prize | 23:36 Sat 23rd Nov 2013 | Boxing
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Wow! Carl Froch floored in round 1
Didn't agree with that decision....!
That was a great fight, ref stopped it far too early!
That was the first time Groves was in trouble, he could have at least given him a standing count, in light of what he'd been dishing out to Froch!
Groves took four or five headshots in a row without offering any defense, and then the ref looked like he caught him as he rolled out of the attack on his way down. However I think the ref should have allowed one more attack
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Froch is not the people's champion. Groves was sensational.

That fight was a breath of fresh air for British boxing, given that we've had to suffer the likes of Fraudley Harrison for years, a 'boxer' who made cowards blush.

Shame the referee and his decision overshadowed a great contest.
Didn't Froch like the sound of his own voice??!
Stopped early - yes...but only by a few seconds. At the time I thought it was outrageous but when you see the replay he took several big hits without reply. I think Froch said it best that the clean shots that would have come after the ref stopped it would have been damaging.

The conspiracy theorists will call foul (as with the famed Eubank/Benn draw) as it means an inevitable rematch.
Froch is an arrogant gobsh!te and showed no respect to Groves, saying he forgot he got put on his ass in the first, fecking joker
To be fair though Matt, Froch had been in a similar position on at least 3 occasions, ref didn't jump in then!
Unless floored, Groves deserved at least 1 standing 8 count.
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I thought the same, Elvis, just the look on Groves's face, he looked like he wanted to give him another slap!
Is joybouabre an interloper?
Looking forward to the re-match, if it comes off!
Re-match ordered by IBF:

and quite right too.

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