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bobbie22 | 17:39 Tue 09th Nov 2021 | Spam & Scams
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I had one of many calls today regarding roof cladding. I said ‘ let’s cut to the chase. Shall I give you my bank details now? ‘. Then I told him where to go.


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Good for you.

I always tell solar panel cold callers I live in a cave.
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One of my friends tells people her house is rented
If you have time, Bobbie lead them on. I've let them believe I'm a dotty old dear who can't hear too well.
When they told me they could fix my computer I changed computer to cooker and had a long conversation about how clever I thought them to know my cooker was broken and that they could fix it remotely was just amazing.
I sometimes pretend I've got a crossed line with them and my brother. When they speak to me I answer as if I'm discussing with brother my mother's corns and the treatment he should be giving her for them. When I changed corns to haemorrhoids they hung up.

I know...I know....but lockdown was long in Ireland..... :-)
I told a recent cold caller they had wrong name and gave them a made up one with fake date of birth. I am now getting junk mail under my fake name!! Scary how quick that happened.
I knew someone who lived on the sixth floor of a ten storey building. He often had firms ringing up about conservatories and he always asked them to come an give him a quote.

We had a spate of double glazing salespeople knocking on the door and when I answered they would ask if I was the house owner. I simply said "no, I'm a burglar" and shut the door.
If you have time, have a look at this. Wish I could do voices like this.
That was hilarious Barsel. There is also wonderful Scots pensioner Jim Porrs from Kilmarnock on youtube who does a bit of scambaiting too.
Jim Potts sorry
There is also Scammer Payback, Kitboga, Jim Browning and Trilogy Media

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