How Can I Stop This Scam Call

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needawin | 10:34 Thu 04th Mar 2021 | Spam & Scams
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Six times yesterday and three times this morning (and its only 9.30)I have received a computerised call from 01606 862457 to my landline phone.
They tell me my BT internet is going to be switched off. I do not have BT internet.
How can I stop this?


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perhaps invest in one of these call blockers, i get nuisance calls too, but hang up quite quickly.;hvdev=c&hvqmt=p&tag=mh0a9-21&ref=pd_sl_3oajbfuxes_p
One way you won't stop it is by enrolling with the Telephone Preference Service.They are USELESS.
Ring 150, they will give you a four digit number.

When the scam call comes, hang up and immediately dial the four digit number - that blocks the last number that called you.

It's free of charge.
I strongly recommend you invest in a new telephone that only rings if an unknown number leaves a message explaining who they are so it is your choice whether to answer or not. Cold callers and spammers don't bother and just hang up so the phone doesn't even ring.

I was plagued by that type of call before I bought the phone and now call history tells me that there are very few. I have this phone User Recommendation

It is very easy to use.
with tatktalk you ring 14258 to block calls from the last number.
I have a phone that shows number that is calling. If I don't know the number ignore it. Same with 020 nunbers
but they ring, which is what you are trying to stop...
Highly recommend the BT phone highlighted by barry1010. Does exactly that. We bought a 'pack' of 3. The plus is that only one needs to be plugged into a phone socket; the others just into an electric socket.
150 is the number if you are with Virgin
here are other numbers for call blocking with different suppliers:#
We have had these calls too but sometimes it shows as "Withheld" - annoying as calls from GPs etc sometimes withhold their number.
The problem with blocking specific numbers as they come through is that many scammers simply spoof assorted numbers and don't necessarily use the same one over and over again. We have a BT premium phone, which if it does not recognise the incoming number from the contacts you have entered, asks the caller to identify themselves and press #, before the phone will ring. Since most of these scammers are using some sort of autodialling system, they cannot cope with this and just don't get through. Their number does come up on your display when you next lift your phone, so you can check in case it is a number you recognise, and anyway genuine callers will normally follow the instructions. Drawback, the phones were not cheap, now possibly over £100 for a set of three, but at the time we got them, our existing phones were acting up so needed replaced anyway.
I'm getting them a lot needy - but I have caller display so don't answer or lift the receiver and slam it down

Also I don't or can't "talk" until 10am LOL - I'm not a morning person
I know the scammers use different numbers but since I started routinely blocking them the number of calls seem to have dropped dramatically - from 2 or 3 a day to 2 or 3 a week.
The only person why rings our landline is my MIL lol. Any time it rings apart from that I know it’s a scam.
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One of my problems is I get calls from friends abroad which show as "International Call" as do some of the scam calls.
If you have a BT landline, dial 1572 and block the call.
With the phone I linked your callers from overseas would just have to announce themselves and your phone would ring.

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How Can I Stop This Scam Call

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