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Sqad | 10:55 Sat 02nd Jan 2021 | Spam & Scams
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Dear Customer,

Wе havе placеd a hοld οn yοur Amazon accοunt and all pеnding οrdеrs.
Wе havе takеn this stеp bеcausе thе billing infοrmatiοn yοu prοvidеd dοеs nοt match thе infοrmatiοn rеcοrdеd with thе card issuеr.
Tο rеstοrе yοur accοunt, plеasе

This is a very realistic and appealing scam email.


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It sure rains out there in the forest of scams
I had one with the title A m a z o n. I report them as phishing.
yes. Hopefully people know by now not to click on links and if they have an amazon account to login there to check for a message. Its allways worth looking at the email header , the fake ones nearly always have a sender thats nothing like amazon. Also if it doesnt mention you by name (dear customer, dear [email protected] uk) it wont be amazon
Thanks for the heads up :)

Make sure you report it, by forwarding the email as an attachment to:
[email protected]

and you can also forward it to:
[email protected]
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Amazon Again

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